New AIIM Report - Most Businesses Are Late to the Mobile Game

By Tony Rizzo — April 24, 2012

AIIM, the global community of information professionals, released today a new industry watch research paper titled, "Process Revolution – Moving Your Business from Paper to PCs to Tablets." The research looks at the recent impetus behind the process revolution and how mobile devices and cloud computing are accelerating the move to paper-free processes and adoption of mobile content applications.
According to the report, the consumerization of IT is evident by the increasing availability of smartphones and tablets in the workplace, as well as the use of cloud technology. These imperatives are changing the way companies do business and require new ways of thinking and operating. 
The AIIM research found most organizations recognize mobile devices are good for business although adoption of mobile-enabled processes is low. Sixty-seven percent of respondents considered mobile technologies important or extremely important to improving business process, contradicting the reality that only 24 percent are actually mobilizing content. 
"The first step in the process revolution is moving content from paper to PC," said Doug Miles, director of market intelligence at AIIM. "The next step of moving content onto mobile devices can be challenging for businesses. It requires capturing data as close to the point of origination as possible and making it available to whoever needs it, wherever they are, in the shortest time possible." 
According to the study, 75 percent of respondents said the use of mobile devices and applications was important or extremely important to customer communication. Despite the competitive advantage of a mobile-enabled process, only five percent of organizations have extended mobile capture of documents to customers. To resolve concerns over potential security issues of mobile and cloud technologies, AIIM recommends reviewing and enforcing company policies and security mechanisms to ensure there are no barriers to business change and innovation.
The rise of mobile devices along with the use of the cloud can transform processes, eliminating elapsed time, lost forms, poor data and re-keying. Mobile technologies require organizations to think about processes not in paper terms but in mobile terms, and how workers are moving to a more productive and dynamic workflow. To be part of the process revolution, information professionals need to question the use of paper in any process, understand how content is produced for, and consumed on, mobile devices, and move information capture as close to the point of origination as possible.


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