New ChangeWave Study Shows Dramatic iPad Gains

— March 13, 2012

ChangeWave Research, a service of 451 Research, recently conducted a new survey of 1,604 business IT buyers. The results clearly demonstrate that the new iPad is already having a powerful impact on the corporate tablet market.
Going forward, better than one-in-five companies (22 percent) say they’ll be purchasing tablets for their employees in Q2 2012. Meanwhile, the percentage of respondents reporting that they will buy Apple iPads has jumped to the highest level of corporate iPad demand ever seen in a ChangeWave survey.
As the chart below indicates, a total of 84 percent of companies planning to buy tablets next quarter now say they’ll purchase iPads - a significant 7 point leap since ChangeWave's previous survey.
The announcement of the new iPad and it's availability is also having an impact on business purchases of tablets made by other manufacturers. The ChangeWave survey shows an across the board decline in next quarter buying of tablets from other manufacturers. This is non-trivial - purchases of other tablets are already low, and it is hard to conceive that they can go lower, but the data clearly shows that this will be the case.
Among Apple's competitors, Samsung, which has been its toughest competitor, relatively speaking, is down 2 percentage points to 8 percent, and continues to remain a distant second in planned tablet buying.
Other tablet manufacturers showing a decline in corporate tablet share since the previous survey include Hewlett-Packard), Asus, Dell, and RIM/Blackberry.
Corporate Tablets and Wireless Providers
ChangeWave also asked respondents from companies planning to buy tablets next quarter which wireless service – if any – their company will be using.
AT&T at 30 percent, and Verizon at 29 percent, are both up a percentage point each over the last survey. They are in a near dead heat as the top choice for wireless service among companies buying tablets. Sprint, at 4 percent, remains a distant third. It will be interesting to see if anything shifts among these carriers as issues arise based on such things as data throttling - or in Sprint's case, its stated decision to offer true unlimited data plans with no throttling.
The new iPad, with its support for LTE, will no doubt even more wireless traffic. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics evolve between tablets and the wireless data providers.


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