New Mobile BPM for Content Collaboration

— November 08, 2013, a provider of document-centric modern middleware solutions to enhance mobile security and collaboration in the enterprise, has added PointFlow to its development platform. The mobile business process management (BPM) solution is specifically designed to enhance the productivity and effective execution of document collaboration across mobile devices.

"Today’s modern enterprises need BPM solutions that thrive on sharing content not constrained by device or location,” said Ron Rock, CEO of “Now with the onset of mobile devices, sharing content on-the-go has become more prevalent than ever. is focused on moving beyond the traditional to enable collaboration that will impact workflows, insights and ideas in any environment.”

Key features include:

  • Collaboration Assignment: Owners share content with pre-determined users who can review, edit and collaborate on a project – with the ability to individualize each person’s assignment.
  • Timeline Management: every pre-determined collaborator can be designated a personal timeline for completing their assigned task.
  • Customized Reminders: individual reminders and alerts for action can be set to each person’s assigned task to ensure completion by deadline – including emails, calendar invites, SMS and push notifications.
  • Progress Tracking: content owners are able to view the progress of an assigned project through a dashboard – giving insights into who has yet to complete a task and the percentage of likelihood that the task will be completed by the assigned deadline.
  • Integration Data: the data insights collected by PointFlow can be integrated into any larger enterprise BPM solution to give companies insight into how collaboration is factoring into overall company performance.
PointFlow supports’s launch goal for enterprises and developers to easily build applications that integrate public and behind-the-firewall content in a secure and compliant way, without copying or synching files to other locations, and provides enterprises with a way to manage every stage of content collaboration.

Content owners can determine the pathway of a project from beginning to end – assigning specific owners to complete specific stages of collaboration by a specific timeframe. At every stage, the owner of the project can assign controls to manage the flow of productivity and ensure the project stays on course.


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