New Rugged GPS Mapping and Satellite Mobile Device Design Emerges

By Tony Rizzo — April 17, 2012

Design and technology consultancy Cambridge Design Partnership has announced that it has extended its ruggedized handheld system design portfolio to include a very versatile rugged GPS device with integrated mapping capabilities and two way terrestrial and satellite wireless communication. Communicator has the potential to significantly improve the work of professionals who depend on mapping locations to save lives, such as the Police, Military and mountain rescue services, and is a cost effective solution that can integrate with a range of wireless data bearers, making it suitable for a variety of in-the-field applications.
Current commercial devices capable of displaying a live map are generally vehicle-mounted, making them impractical and bulky. Communicator is a durable hand held device perfectly suited to challenging conditions.
The unique thing about the Communicator system is that points, lines and areas of interest can be exchanged between devices and updated in real time to meet a wide range of operational requirements. In a search and rescue scenario this provides the flexibility to assign users a specific square on a mapped grid, making a search far more efficient and coordinated. Tiered tracking management via Communicator, laptops or PCs will make it easy to monitor a search and assign tasks and change search perimeters remotely.
Communicator is also a highly versatile ruggedized two-way radio. It is able to work with multiple radio technologies, including GPRS, 3G, TETRA, LTE and Iridium. It will be capable of two way data messaging and emergency distress signaling, and features Bluetooth for connection to legacy modems.
Other features of the ultra-ruggedized handset include a 3.5” high-res, high contrast LCD day-night screen, large button controls and touchscreen. All features that could be easily applied to other technologies in other hand held device applications such as mobile phones, which may well be necessary when considering that there were over 1 million mobile phone insurance claims in 2010 and 60 percent of those claims were for accidental damage.
The design and technology of Communicator is highly adaptable to the specifications of different customer-groups. The software can be entirely adapted to make it compatible with any mapping system or Android platform and custom products can be designed for different applications. This adaptability makes Communicator a very attractive product for OEMs looking to develop a two-way radio/navigation or ruggedized handheld devices with minimal time-to-market.
"Communicator builds on CDP’s experience in creating designs such as the ruggedized, award-winning Satmap 10, amongst many others. Next generation functionality, including powerful scripting software and two-way data communication, offers a new solution for a variety of industries and professions," said Mike Beadman, partner, at Cambridge Design Partnership. Beadman adds, "Cambridge is now looking for OEM-partners who might be interested in adopting this design."


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