New Test Platform for Android, iOS Enterprise-Grade Mobile Apps

— March 10, 2011

Parasoft Corporation, a provider of automated solutions that improve software quality and the development process, has released Parasoft Mobile Test. Parasoft Mobile Test, a component of Parasoft’s complete ALM offering which includes Parasoft Virtualize and Parasoft Concerto, provides app developers and testers a proven platform for developing enterprise-grade mobile applications. It is available for both Android and iOS.

With Parasoft Mobile Test, you can effortlessly capture your manual testing efforts as automated, reusable tests—no scripting languages are required. Whether you're incrementally extending your app or you're working with evolving server-side elements, Parasoft Mobile Test automates your QA efforts. As you exercise test scenarios, Parasoft Mobile Test records interactions at the UI level and converts them into automated tests that are simple to understand, easy to update, and ready for instant playback.

“Parasoft Mobile Test brings a new level of support for collaborative development and testing of mobile applications,” says Wayne Ariola, VP of strategy for Parasoft Corporation. “Mobile applications are rapidly becoming the preferred interface of choice for business transactions, information and customer support. It is certainly time for mobile application development to graduate from ad hoc events to a mature process that ensures application security, reliability, and performance.”

Parasoft Mobile Test for Android and iOS gives development and testing teams a rapid method to create, execute, and validate functional tests for mobile devices. Parasoft Mobile Test automatically generates test scripts by recording the interaction with the device user interface. Available on the device or within the simulator, Parasoft Mobile Test gives flexibility and control to ensure your mobile application works as your users expect.


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