Nursing Home Keeps Tabs on Patients with RTLS

By Jessica Binns, Contributing Editor — July 03, 2012

The Désirée House at the D&D GmbH's senior residence and nursing home has installed HealthCarion's PLG (Patient Location Guard) nurse-call system. Real-time location system provider Ekahau supplied the Wi-Fi tags for patients and staff, as well as the WLAN locating system. Whenever a dangerous situation arises, residents of the home can wirelessly call for help and the solution can also provide the patient's present location.

The nurse-call system, which was developed by HealthCarion, was installed and integrated into the existing information systems in just two weeks. The nursing home's residents wear Ekahau wristband tags that enable them to call for help from any location in the event of an emergency. Ekahau Wi-Fi pagers automatically notify caregivers about the resident's exact location so that they can be assisted quickly.

HealthCarion's nurse-call system quickly and simply confirms the receipt of the alarm on the caregiver's mobile device. A built-in module analyzes the alarms and the calls to optimize the care process and, if required, provides process verification. The patient wandering protection feature monitors people in high-risk groups, such as patients with dementia. Other functions such as staff assistance calls, technical alarms or anti-theft (e.g. for wheelchairs) alarms are also available without additional installation labor. These features are simply turned on by activating those functions inside the software.

The solution complies with all legal guidelines and the recommendations stipulated by German DIN VDE 0834 standards without relying on legacy cable-connected technologies.

"The nurse-call system delivered by HealthCarion GmbH was installed and put into operation very quickly and without the need for any major construction," said Ms. Maffert, managing director at Désirée. "The option to deploy wandering patient protection and staff-assistance calls in the existing system was one of the main reasons why we opted for this solution."

"The nurse-call system developed by HealthCarion GmbH provides us with a high degree of security because our residents no longer need to go to stationary call buttons in order to call for help. Patients can request assistance from anywhere in the building," said Ms. Paul, director of care at Désirée. "We receive each call along with the current position of the resident who is calling for assistance, so that we can get to that patient as quickly as possible. Ekahau Wi-Fi pagers are used to notify our staff about triggered calls."

The solution consists of three key components:

  • The HealthCarion PLG (Patient Location Guard) nurse-call system, which leverages the WLAN-based location of each resident;
  • Standard WLAN access points. The system from Zyxel covers the entire facility and can be used for other applications such as telephony and Internet access for patents;
  • Ekahau Wi-Fi Tags for patients and staff member (T301W and T301BD tags) as well as the Ekahau RTLS Controller which produces location and status information on all of the tags in the facility.


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