Nuvon Uses Mobility to Deliver 100 Percent Accurate Data to Clinicians

By Tony Rizzo, Editor in Chief — July 18, 2012

Nuvon, Inc. is a privately held company dedicated to simplifying the management of healthcare technology, enabling clinicians to focus on the care of their patients, and providing real-time medical device data to improve decision-making and patient safety. Nuvon’s flexible, scalable, and configurable VEGA (Vectored Event Grid Architecture) platform is designed to capture, display, and transmit real-time data at the point of care…anywhere. The company was founded in 2004, originally to build out machine to machine (M2M) technology, and has since transformed its M2M capabilities into full-fledged software and mobile applications.
Nuvon’s VEGA distributed network architecture supports true mobility enabling caregiver access to data and devices in any location. Nuvon has an installed base of major institutions that have recognized the value of Nuvon’s breakthrough approach to defining and implementing a rich model for patient data capture, transmission, and integration in complex healthcare environments.
Recently, the company added newly enhanced mobile capabilities to the VEGA system with its new Nuvon Mobile Device Manager, a mobile point-of-care appliance based on Nuvon’s FDA cleared VEGA platform. 
The Nuvon Mobile Device Manager is fully equipped and designed to securely capture and transmit biomedical patient device data at the patient’s bedside, to the EMR and other clinical information systems. The device provides automated device identification achieved through Autoinstallation and Autodiscovery features of the Nuvon VEGA System for biomedical devices, eliminating manual set-up and configuration.
Says Cathleen Asch, President and CEO of Nuvon, "Our new device and software, working in tandem with the VEGA platform, ensures that doctors and clinicians are able to grab the exact data they need at the exact point of contact with the patient. The bar code reader built into our device ensures they get fast and 100 percent accurate information every time. Accuracy is critical to patient health. We live in a medical world where it is estimated that at about 25 percent of available patient data is inaccurate, and we're looking to change that metric - accurate data saves lives!"
In addition to its mobile functionality the new device manager includes a built-in medical grade barcode scanner that makes positive patient identification (PPI) a more efficient process. After patient identification takes place, device data is communicated and securely transmitted to the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) and/or other clinical information management system. Whether in the home, or in an acute care facility, the system enables secure capture and transmission of patient device data with its reliable, secure "store and forward" capability.
The device provides the ability for clinicians to simply tap the screen to enter secure user validation parameters (e.g. Login and Password), as well as data entry that does not require use of a stylus, computer mouse or keyboard (e.g. touch screen LCD). The user interface display has brightness control for the touch panel backlight and is color blind compatible for all visual parameters. Its sleek, high-tech design and small form factor make it a truly portable appliance with far-reaching capabilities.
Customer, Clinician-Driven Design
The Mobile Debvice Manager is a customer, clinician-driven solution to address the obvious connectivity gap between devices, data, and the patient’s medical record. Nuvon’s VEGA System device manager component complements and enhances connectivity and interoperability between patient device data and the EMR.
Clients provided the impetus for developing the new device to provide a bedside point-of-care data communication and data collection device that:
  • Supports near-real-time ad-hoc or continuous biomedical device measurement and transmission to an end-point electronic medical record system
  • Enables real-time, data collection from all types of point-of-care biomedical devices
  • Provides the capability to review and validate spot vital signs, or other patient biomedical device data measurements at the point of care prior to transmitting to an end-point electronic medical record system
  • Provides the capability to support user authentication that enables compliance with HITECH HIPAA PHI regulations
  • Operates within the framework of the Nuvon VEGA™ System, enabling vendor-agnostic connectivity, monitoring, and management of patient device data and transmission
Technical Specifications
The device manager contains two parts; a mobile detachable unit with LCD touch screen and built-in medical grade barcode scanner, and a docking station. This device addresses the integration and device needs for a wide range of vendor biomedical devices. It is easily attached, securely and directly, to devices or platforms that support transportation of medical devices. The device can be transported with point-of-care biomedical devices within all settings in a hospital enterprise. It supports both wired and wireless secure, encrypted data transmission.
With a battery life of up to 10 hours and non-volatile memory, the system provides temporary data storage and ensures no data loss from a single point of failure. The Idevice manager can recover from unexpected power failures and data will be resent if initially not transmitted completely. A Low Battery status light illuminates when battery recharging is necessary. The device is also IEC 60601-1 and IEC 60601-1-2 compliant.
Adds Asch, "The Nuvon Mobile Device Manager is a proprietary device - we needed to go that route in order to ensure that we would be able to control the quality of the data. Underneath that, however, the data available through VEGA can - and is - easily exported to any mobile device. We love iPads, for example. They provide a great platform for viewing the data that we have available and that we are able to capture in the field."
Device Integration Benefits
Nuvon solves the challenge of universal biomedical device interoperability by utilizing its FDA cleared, patent-pending VEGA (Vectored Event Grid Architecture) platform to enable any biomedical device equipment to communicate without barriers. Nuvon’s VEGASystem spans disparate devices, networks, and protocols through an integrated system of programmable appliances that provide scalable, cost-effective, and secure infrastructure for hospitals and clinics. Others claim to understand data integration and interoperability. Nuvon knows it and does it.
Through the use of Nuvon’s powerful technology, any device can be monitored and accessed remotely via an intuitive web interface—improving the quality of patient care and patient safety while helping to control costs. Nuvon’s transformative and truly interoperable machine-to-machine (M2M) platform for next generation device connectivity and data integration is:
  • Device independent and operating system agnostic
  • Scalable with robust security policies to monitor thousands of devices
  • Designed for ease of integration
  • Automated for a traceable audit trail for all data and actions
  • An open architecture enabling user and third party development
Asch concludes, "It's clear to us that mobility is already driving the next generation of healthcare. Nuvon is able to add its own imprint on this new generation through its long term expertise in M2M technology. After developing the VEGA platform, moving everything to mobile devices was clearly the next step. It's where healthcare needs to be to take patient care to the next real level."


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