Orvito Offers Complete CRM Solution with Mobile App on Android Tablet

By Jessica Binns, Contributing Editor — June 06, 2012

Orvito, Inc., a product realization company, announced the launch of Salesvito, a mobile CRM platform with enterprise ready tablet using Android OS, middleware for secure data synchronization, and Orvito's PCS Cloud for effective sales cycle management and product visual aid presentation.

Salesvito combines the advanced user interface on a customized tablet system, enterprise level secure communication and dedicated intuitive task based applications which collect and disseminate sales data and interactive product collaterals. The platform uses Orvito's SecureDigito middleware for secure authentication, synchronization and maintenance of content ranging from PDF to interactive video. The system enables sales managers at headquarters to collaborate and monitor their sales force on the field in real time using Orvito's PCS Cloud

Orvito's 8" capacitive touch tablet is integrated with GSM (QUAD band), 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth needed by every sales personnel on the field. The tablet with its SIM card slot allows the sales personnel to make phone calls, connect to the cloud from remote locations and use Wi-Fi in local wireless hotspots. The HDMI output of the tablet can be used by the sales personnel to make high definition video and flash presentations of their products to customers. The front and back camera capability can be used to make video calls with remote offices and headquarters. Productivity apps on the Salesvito platform allow sales personnel to manage their daily schedule, take and archive digital notes of interactions with customers and post field expenses in real time to headquarters. The Salesvito platform also enables inventory management of company products, thereby reducing paperwork and providing real-time feedback to the senior management.

Salesvito platform helps the sales manager by drastically reducing operational burden of managing and coordinating the activities of a remote sales team.

"The Salesvito platform is giving us the convenience and real time picture of the sales cycle of my staff in the field. Salesvito's cloud based solution is an all in one system that helped us realize the true convergence of laptop, phone and paper forms. It is of immense advantage to us in avoiding false reporting and effective identification of prospects," said Sreekanth E, sales head of Miracle Formulations.

It gives the manager more time for making strategic decisions that are vital for the company's profitability. The PCS Cloud aggregates, displays and analyses sales data to aid decision making for sales managers. The browser interface enables managers to instantly and securely update product and sales collateral for immediate use by the field staff. The PCS Cloud application distribution store provides a walled garden enabling IT administrators to provide over the air dynamic updates of applications to remote devices on the Salesvito platform.


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