PDX and mscripts Expand Mobile Pharmacy Capabilities

By Tony Rizzo — December 14, 2011

PDX, a pharmacy technology provider, and mscripts, a mobile pharmacy technology vendor, have announced new features and integration points to allow existing PDX Classic and Enterprise Pharmacy System (EPS) customers to easily add mobile connectivity to their customer-facing offerings. The new features provide pharmacies with an outreach channel to improve bin management and will-call services. Leveraging bin management notification capabilities in both the PDX Classic and EPS applications, pharmacies can now much more easily identify aging prescriptions and use mscripts' mobile application to remind customers that their medications are ready for pick up.
The integration between the bin management system within PDX and the mscripts mobile platform provides pharmacies with a sophisticated messaging sequence aimed at solving the problem of prescriptions that are not picked up and must be returned to stock. The system is designed to reduce carrying and restocking costs and improve the rate at which patients pick up medications. Bin management in particular is one of the most significant problems facing pharmacies today. These tools will reduce pharmacists' work load, improve customer adherence, and most importantly will allow pharmacists to spend more time with their patients.
According to the National Consumer League, 75% of Americans are non-adherent - that is, they do not take their medications as prescribed, resulting in an estimated 125,000 deaths and up to $300 billion dollars in unnecessary healthcare costs each year. Regular communication to patients - and the ability of pharmacists to have more quality face time with their patients, is a major contributor to improved adherence - getting customers to pick up filled prescriptions is a major step along the way to increased compliance.
The integration of PDX with mscripts' mobile capabilities provides exactly this. Ultimately the ability to communicate via mobile technology allows PDX's pharmacy customers to deliver innovative customer service - a potential competitive advantage. The tight integration between mscripts and PDX allows pharmacies to implement quickly with minimal cost.
Mscripts' core technology allows patients to communicate with pharmacies through 2-way, interactive SMS messaging and full-featured, branded mobile applications natively supporting most mobile phones including iPhone, Black-Berry, Android, Windows Mobile 7, and others.

An example of mscripts in action is shown here. Mscripts targets adherence by addressing critical inefficiencies in the paper prescription process, improving the convenience and ease of filling prescriptions, and allowing a pharmacy's customers to manage their related health information directly from their mobile devices.


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