Perfecto Updates MobileCloud Automation

— March 16, 2011

Perfecto Mobile, a provider of cloud-based test automation of mobile applications, Web sites and services, introduced version 3.0 of its MobileCloud-Automation service. Based on intelligent text and image recognition and Perfecto Mobile’s patented ScriptOnce technology, the updated offering provides simple, keyword-based scripting of test cases, instant porting across multiple devices, open APIs, and built-in support for multi-user development teams.

Perfecto Mobile’s MobileCloud-Automation is a full software-as-a-service solution that uses real devices to support enterprises that are implementing software-testing quality assurance processes for their mobile applications and websites. Without automation capabilities and a wide variety of real devices, this process has been difficult, if not impossible to do in real time. The new automation capabilities help companies reduce development risks by automating the processes that identify changes and analyzing technical impact, creating test execution plans and collaborating across distributed teams.

Understanding the agile lifecycle of the application today, the Perfecto Mobile solution integrates with existing delivery processes such as nightly builds, regression and defect tracking. Perfecto Mobile’s new automation capabilities let development organizations create domain-related, reusable scripting elements and integrate with existing application lifecycle management (ALM) platforms.

Bridging the gap between traditional testing techniques in today’s mobile environment, the MobileCloud-Automation service supports enterprises in retail, finance, travel, healthcare, telecom and other industries, as well as system integrators and test houses. In addition, the MobileCloud-Automation gives enterprises secured access to dedicated handsets and accommodates offshore capabilities and integration with existing disciplines.

“It is our mission to enable a smooth migration of existing testing processes into the mobile development environment,” said Eran Yaniv, CEO of Perfecto Mobile. “Existing investments in tools and automation knowhow should not go to waste and our MobileCloud-Automation service takes that into account, supporting integration with ALM systems, agile development and existing automation concepts.”


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