Plantronics Launches Conference Calling App for BlackBerry, Android

— December 15, 2010

Plantronics recently announced the availability of InstantMeeting, a conference calling app for Android and BlackBerry smartphones that enables mobile professionals to access conference calls from their devices with the push of a button.
Simplified Communications for the Distributed Workforce
The notion of an office has transformed from four walls, a desk and a computer, to something much more fluid, mobile, and familiar. No matter the location -- home office, airport, or the sideline of a soccer game -- today's distributed workforce requires instant access to information from a host of devices, be it a smartphone, tablet computer, or notebook. According to a recent international study from Plantronics, more than 90% of enterprise employees stated that they spend at least some time working outside of the office. No matter where these workers are, 83% are expected to be present in meetings either online or via conference calls "frequently" or "all the time".
The Plantronics InstantMeeting app eliminates the frustration and time lost when trying to dial into a conference call, a cumbersome process that requires entering myriad numbers, ID codes, and passwords, and # and * signs. The mobile app allows today's mobile professional the most convenient way to dial into a conference call from an Android or BlackBerry phone. The app automatically syncs conference dial-in numbers from leading providers, requiring no advanced setup of access codes and calendars with one touch. The application removes the worry of having to remember a moderator ID number, eliminates the frustration of misdialing a conference line and joining a call five minutes late. If a user gets disconnected from a conference call (e.g., poor reception), they can reenter the meeting with one touch.
"In spite of the proliferation of communications tools such as IM, SMS, and email, modern professionals spend an increasing amount of time in meetings, specifically conference calls. InstantMeeting enables quick, intuitive conference call access so mobile professionals can focus on the task at hand: communication and collaboration," says Gunjan Bhow, vice president and general manager of new ventures at Plantronics. "Our ultimate goal is to enable people to communicate with one another naturally and with minimal barriers, regardless of the devices, platforms, and tools being used. InstantMeeting saves time and frankly, a bit of sanity, so people can conduct business more efficiently and get on with the rest of their day."
Pricing and Availability
The Plantronics InstantMeeting app is available immediately in the Android Marketplace, BlackBerry App World, and online at InstantMeeting. The trial version provides 20 free initiations to conference calls. A premium version of InstantMeeting is available in the Android Marketplace and BlackBerry App World for $2.99 with unlimited calls. InstantMeeting will be available for athe Apple iPhone, Microsoft Office, and Skype and in early 2011. For a demo of how the application works, please visit the


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