Replace Paper With Forms, Surveys on Smartphones

By PRESS RELEASE — July 17, 2009

Herndon, VA and Seattle, WA - Canvas, a provider of smartphone applications, launched its flagship software service to provide businesses and mobile professionals with a simple, fast and economical way to replace paper forms and surveys using their BlackBerry or Windows Mobile smartphones.

The introduction of Canvas represents a significant change from the expensive and time consuming software development process that is typically required to create business applications for mobile devices.

Canvas eliminates the need for specialized software developers, lengthy projects, and expensive information technology budgets. Using only a web browser, business professionals can publish electronic versions of their forms or surveys as applications on their BlackBerry or Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphones.

"92% of all mobile workers still use paper forms and surveys as the predominant means for collecting business information," said James Quigley CEO and Co-Founder of Canvas. "Canvas is the first web site that makes it truly easy and affordable for anyone to replace a paper form or survey with a Smartphone."

Making Mobility Easy
The Canvas service enables anyone with access to a web browser and a Smartphone to publish and use a custom mobile application. Users can access a growing library of form and survey templates, or they can customize their own forms to best meet their unique needs.

Once the Smartphone application is published, it can be used to collect business information, which is sent wirelessly to the Canvas web site for analysis and sharing. Typically, users can be operational with Canvas in less than 30 minutes.

"Making the business decision to automate business operations with Smartphones has traditionally required expensive IT budgets, lengthy projects and consultants with specialized skills for mobile software development." said Mark Angelino, former President of Sprint Business Solutions. "Canvas now makes it possible for any business owner to immediately enjoy the benefits of Smartphone applications with no startup expense or dependency on software developers."

Enabling Smart Business Decisions
For years only a very few organizations could share in the benefits of wirelessly enabling their remote workers beyond voice, text and email. Canvas now makes it possible for any business to make similar decisions to improve operations, deliver a better customer experience, and save money.

"Our company was evaluating our options for electronically providing fast and accurate information on store conditions. Canvas makes the BlackBerry a viable option for us," said Mike Morgera, Field Sales Manager for Harold W Young.

 "Canvas allows us to make modifications to our BlackBerry forms quickly so our field staff will have up to date information all of the time. We get real time information which will enable us to identify issues at store level more quickly and deploy our resources to respond."

Saving Money by Going Paperless
Paper costs money to produce, print, and mail. With the added time needed to manually transfer information from a piece of paper to a computer, the cost of a single paper form can be at least six times the cost of a Canvas form. Canvas provides a variety of pricing plans that offer customers their choice of a free trial, a pay for use plan, or an unlimited monthly or annual usage plan.

"Our customers have free access to the service for thirty days and then can choose to purchase the service in one of two ways. We offer an unlimited use model for organizations who have use forms every day, or a pay per use model for organizations with lighter needs," added Marc Austin COO and Co-Founder of Canvas. "In short, we want to offer our clients the flexibility to choose a plan that is best for their operation and their bottom line."


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