SMS System Speeds Comms for Medical Agency

— February 02, 2011

Red Oxygen, an SMS gateway and developer of text messaging software, has partnered with Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA), the federally-designated organ procurement organization for the State of Louisiana, to implement fast and efficient communication to their employees when it matters most.

LOPA, which works with every hospital and transplant center in Louisiana, operates 24/7 to recover donated organs and tissue and place them for transplant. The organization also partners with families throughout the donation process and educates the medical community and the general public about organ and tissue donation issues.

“The time-sensitive and unpredictable nature of our organization requires efficient dissemination of information,” says Max Prather, IT Manager for LOPA. “Fast and reliable communication is essential for us, particularly during emergency situations like natural disasters.”

When Hurricane Katrina devastated the Louisiana coast and knocked out telephone communications, scattered LOPA employees began relying on text messaging to communicate with each other. The organization quickly recognized the time-saving benefits of communicating urgent information via text messaging, and with the help of Red Oxygen, LOPA was able to formally implement this method of communication throughout the organization moving forward.

“Previously we utilized communication methods such as e-mail, phone chains, and pagers to relay important information changes to field employees,” continues Prather. “However, these methods were often slow and inefficient – e-mails can sit in a cluttered inbox for hours at a time whereas a text message typically yields immediate attention.”

Studies have shown the average e-mail is read in 48 hours, while the average text message is read in a matter of minutes. This, along with the reliability, low cost and simplicity is why LOPA ultimately decided to implement Red Oxygen’s web-based software. The SMS technology also allows administrators to send important messages and alerts to employees directly on their mobile devices and offers the ability to respond, permitting two-way communication between employees and administrators.

“Text messaging offers businesses and organizations a quick, convenient and inexpensive way to instantly communicate with employees on the go,” says Tom Sheahan, CEO of Red Oxygen. “It’s particularly rewarding to help customers like LOPA, who went from having to make 40-50 phone calls to notify employees of a lab closure to sending one single text message, allowing them to help more people during critical times.”


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