Salesforce Reach Connects Reps in New Ways

— July 28, 2014

Salesforce1 Sales Reach, from, helps reps accelerate sales with instant marketing and selling. It combines Salesforce1 Sales Cloud, Pardot and Communities into a new solution so that reps can connect with customers in new ways—directly from their mobile devices.

"In this new connected era, sales reps must be empowered to cultivate long-term, meaningful relationships with customers in order to be successful—transactional touch points won't drive impactful results," said Linda Crawford, EVP and GM of Sales Cloud,

The emergence of the always-on, mobile customer has altered the sales process. Today's B2B buyers can research a product, download an analyst white paper or interact with a company at any time—expecting real-time, customized engagement.

Next-Gen Buyers
"Companies must evolve to meet the new demands of today’s buyer in order to succeed in this mobile, connected world," said Michael Fauscette, Group Vice President of Software Business Solutions, IDC. "Solutions that empower sales reps with the tools and data they need to market and sell in the moment help advance buyers through the sales process more quickly and grow business as a result."

Advancements in the consumer world, like the Amazon Fire Phone and Google Shopping Express, are further accelerating the transformation of customer behavior—and this same transformation is taking place in the enterprise world.

In fact, 55% of B2B merchants believe B2B commerce should adopt B2C best practices in order to better optimize the purchasing experience for the customer, according to a recent survey. But sales organizations at these enterprises have yet to evolve to meet consumers' new expectations, and today's sales reps must transform to better connect, market and sell to the new generation of buyers.

On-The-Spot Tools
With on-the-spot marketing and selling tools, sales reps will be able to deploy 1:1 campaigns tailored to customers' actions, to advance buyers through the sales process. The solution includes the following:
Micro Campaigns: Sales reps can quickly spin up and deploy micro marketing campaigns to hyper-target prospects based on actions. For example, they will be able to immediately deploy a custom 1:1 email campaign for a customer that's just downloaded an e-book from a website, in order to move them through the sales process—all from their phone.

Real-time Notifications: With new pop-up, real-time notifications on the Salesforce1 Mobile App, sales reps will now have instant visibility into how prospects are engaging with their company and products anywhere, at any time.

Lead tracking: Sales reps can gain access to a 36-hour activity record with prospects' actions, by using the Lead Tracking dashboard. They can filter potential clients based on priorities, drill down into specific data and see which are most active. Now reps will be able to spot trends and behavior patterns to better tailor marketing campaigns.

Mobile Nurture Campaigns: Reps can instantly add a prospect to a templated marketing campaign with just a few taps to the Salesforce1 Mobile App—in order to keep them engaged throughout the buying process. For example, if a prospect isn't ready to buy, a sales rep can add them to a nurture campaign directly from their mobile device so they consistently receive emails tailored to their interests, engage with the company's website and work with the sales rep until they're ready to buy.

Salesforce Communities for Prospects: Prospects can connect with other potential clients to exchange insights and learnings instantly. Also, sales reps can connect directly with multiple prospects to answer questions, share information and ultimately gain a better understanding of the buyers' needs within a specific community. 


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