Securing Google Apps for Business

— March 20, 2014

Armor5 has extended its Zero Touch Cloud Security service to Google Apps for Business, including Google Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Sheets. The Cloud Security app gives enterprises protection against data leakage, compliance exposures and privacy breaches at the last mile between the cloud and the device.
“By 2018, 25% of corporate data traffic will bypass traditional perimeter security defenses (up from 4% today) by flowing directly from mobile devices to the cloud,” according to the Gartner report:  “Gartner, Predicts 2014: CSPs' Opportunities and Challenges Will Arise from Cloud Computing and Mobility Trends.” The report advises, “As the adoption of cloud computing and mobility accelerates, new revenue opportunities will emerge, together with the need for better service reliability and security. CSP strategists should move quickly on the opportunities and address associated challenges.                                                                                                                                     
Automated Safeguarding 
Armor5 virtualizes the user’s experience and places the security function in the cloud, where it is isolated from the device and the network. The enterprise policy controls are seamlessly extended from the network perimeter to enforce access to cloud services without requiring any additional effort from the enterprise.
The cloud security service protects employee privacy and preserves the user experience via Google Apps. Armor5 is only “on” when users choose to access corporate apps and data, relieving enterprises of privacy exposure during personal use and avoiding breaches from remote wipes. The security measure is compatible with any Internet-enabled device using a standard browser, without installs or configuration changes on the device or enterprise DMZ.
Relating these cross-cloud analytics enables the device to gain a comprehensive view into the cloud service usage across multiple public and private cloud services, including individual session duration, most frequently used services etc. 
“The number of companies using Gmail and Google’s cloud-based productivity suite for business is increasing at a rapid pace,” said Suresh Balasubramanian, CEO of Armor5. “But when mobile users access or download corporate data from these cloud services, companies open themselves up to a new set of security, compliance and privacy risks. The current security approach is like putting a padlock on the front door, but leaving a side window wide open. Armor5 secures the last mile—the time when users access and/or edit data within third-party cloud services, while using their devices.”
Armor5 protects sessions on both apps and networks, without requiring additional device control software or network configuration changes; the cloud security ensures that data and content never reside on the device—protecting companies against potential data leakage whenever a device is lost, stolen, compromised or when a worker leaves the organization.
In addition, employees and contract workers with access to company, employee or customer data in key functions such as accounting, finance, legal and customer management, as well as those that integrate Google Productivity tools with data from applications secured in the Google Apps Marketplace also gain “last mile security” and seamless enterprise policy controls from any device.


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