Spanish Bank Deploys CRM App on BlackBerry

— January 19, 2011

Bankinter has released an internal CRM application for BlackBerry smartphones to its sales force. This application will allow the bank’s salespeople to access, via their company smartphones, a personalized client management tool through which they can consult their sales schedule no matter where they are, without the need for a computer connected to the Internet.

This application, developed by Movilok on Bankinter’s behalf, is a new initiative in the development of remote-access services for banking, focusing on the needs of both private and business clients, and employees.

The application, which has the internal title of ‘Engloba CRM for BlackBerry’, will allow members of the bank’s sales force to access an updated record of current and potential clients and their sales schedules, as well as providing personalized offers for each client according to timing and the type of opportunity. In this way, the tool will allow salespeople to carry out their daily work away from their desks, thus optimising their time, allowing them to maintain a closer relationship with the client and, as a result, finding themselves in a position to provide high-quality advice and offers that are better suited to each client’s needs.

Thanks to ‘Engloba CRM en BlackBerry’, salespeople have access to sales alerts and actions for both current and potential clients and can update client information such as intent to purchase from their smartphones in real time, as well as being able to write notes and comments on the outcome.

In short, Bankinter is implementing an innovative wireless solution for client sales management, by leveraging the forecasting abilities and knowledge that the sales force receives from the bank’s CRM.


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