Sprint Targets the New Enterprise

— August 13, 2014

The U.S. Bureau of Labor calculates that Millennials will make up more than half of the workforce by 2020. Having grown up in a hyper-connected and increasingly mobile world, they will reshape the culture of companies large and small and drive the future of work.

To help businesses adapt more quickly to this changing environment, Sprint has launched a new business brand and multi-million dollar marketing campaign which focuses on how technology empowers employees.

This new brand is distinct from its consumer segment and incorporates all of Sprint's business products and services. It is meant to help businesses of all sizes understand how to harness advanced collaboration and mobility tools in order to keep their employees engaged, productive and collaborate better with one another so the business can grow faster.

"Companies have been investing in all kinds of technology; but the way we see it, people are the core asset to any business. Which means the role of all that technology is to make sure your people are more engaged when they work—to make sure they enjoy their work," said Jeff Hallock, chief marketing officer, Sprint. "Only then can they help you rise to the crucial challenges of change, complexity and competition."

Mobile Business Solutions
As part of the new brand, Sprint has revamped its website, filling it with new ideas and executive thought leadership via a new blog, titled, The Future of Work.

The information on business solutions includes tools for collaboration, mobile security and management, fleet and asset management, mobile workforce management, and enabling solutions that help businesses build and manage flexible, scalable, cloud-aware networks.

Digital Focus
The campaign builds on the tagline, "For companies with people in them," reflecting Sprint's mindset which focuses on a new economy in which business resources aren't physical, but human. An economy where forward-thinking companies understand the importance of engaging their employees through new technologies.

"There is a massive opportunity ahead and employees hold the key to unlocking the potential of business," said Hallock. "Sprint will deliver the technology and support businesses need to seize that opportunity. All the changes we've made are about the future of work. And the future of work is engaged people."


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