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By PRESS RELEASE — May 15, 2009

NASHVILLE, TN-- Cadec Global, a leading provider of advanced fleet management solutions, launched the first software-based remote-engine shutdown technology for truck and motor coach fleets.

Part of a new line of optional safety modules for its PowerVue platform called ProTecht, Cadec's new Remote Engine Shutdown module has already been deployed in a major U.S. motor coach fleet comprised of hundreds of vehicles.

PowerVue is the trucking industry's first Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based, hosted fleet management solution. By automatically collecting data on driver behavior and vehicle location/speed, PowerVue helps fleets optimize performance and improve supply chain visibility, while built-in safety features also help fleets maximize safety.

ProTecht is a line of optional safety-related add-on modules for PowerVue. ProTecht applications are designed primarily for motor coach fleets and fuel/hazmat haulers and offer advanced features for protecting precious or hazardous cargo.

New Cadec technology designed to prevent hijacking and cargo theft
Cadec is the first company to provide a non-invasive, software-based approach to remote engine shutdown. Hardware approaches tend to force an abrupt stop. By contrast, Cadec's software slows and then stops a vehicle remotely in a safe, controlled manner. The shutdown is supervised and monitored by authorized security personnel. The Remote Engine Shutdown module includes On-Board Driver Authentication to prevent unauthorized parties from starting or operating a vehicle.

Anti-hijacking technology eligible for federal grant funding
The U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recommend both remote vehicle disabling and driver authentication as anti-hijack measures. PowerVue's Remote Engine Shutdown module meets the criteria of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to qualify for federal grants, including the Intercity Bus Security Grant Program. In fact, Cadec's motor coach customer mentioned above was able to obtain funding for its PowerVue investment via this program.

Other enhancements to PowerVue include:

  • Integrated business logic and workflow management: Intuitive user interfaces, screens and workflow are easily adaptable to existing business processes and forms, communicating real-time business data to/from vehicle cabs via the Cadec On-Board Computer (OBC).
  • KML-based event playback: An open standard geospacial technology, KML enables geographically accurate accident reconstruction, incident viewing and trip animation/flyovers.
  • Advanced mapping with Microsoft Live Earth: Provides road, aerial and hybrid mapping; snapshot pop-up views with summary data such as location and speed; and violation mapping.
  • Improved reporting: Web-based, ad-hoc reporting with point-and-click Excel or PDF export.
"The economy is forcing fleets to be leaner and more efficient than ever," said Cadec CEO Michael Baney. "Fleet management software has been proven to provide companies with rapid return on investment by helping to improve efficiency and safety while reducing costs. Many Cadec customers report that they achieve ROI within just a few months."

A quantum leap in terms of safety
"With this version of PowerVue, we've continued to make gains on the efficiency front and really made a quantum leap in terms of safety," Baney continued. "The Remote Engine Shutdown technology in particular is very compelling and a huge competitive advantage for Cadec. No other vendor in our space can offer anything like it."

About Cadec

Cadec Global enables mobile asset optimization, process automation and operations visibility through its advanced fleet management solutions. With over 30 years of innovation and experience in the trucking industry, Cadec enables transportation and distribution managers, fleet and logistics experts and business executives to reduce costs, enhance customer service, enforce compliance and safety regulations, and improve driver productivity. Cadec's marquee customer list includes market-leading private and for-hire fleets across multiple industries throughout North America.


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