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— September 18, 2013

With iOS 7, Apple is making a play for the enterprise, by introducing new types of security and management capabilities that balance between enabling users and securing data. The new OS introduces functionality designed to benefit business users, including built-in MDM and application encryption, which help secure the device itself as well as native iOS 7 apps. 

"While iOS 7 has made significant headway in terms of hardening the security capabilities of the device and operating system, there are still gaps in some of the native apps that may leave enterprise data open to vulnerabilities," said Jim Lundy, Founder & CEO, Aragon Research. "Having a solution that provides IT with a single secure and easy way to effectively manage the mixture of corporate-liable and personal devices and applications present in their organization—across all platforms—while having total control over the data that travels through enterprise apps, is a huge benefit for any organization."

In response, solution providers are stepping up to offer support for the new OS.
AirWatch, for example, immediately enabled iOS 7 capabilities in all global trial and pre-production cloud environments. Software is available for on-premise customers and all production cloud environments will be updated based on normal change management notification periods and customer coordination.

“This is the most significant update we’ve seen from Apple throughout the evolution of iOS in the enterprise,” said John Marshall, President & CEO, AirWatch. “The new capabilities will change how organizations think about their mobility strategy, and we’ve spent the past several months working to ensure our customers are prepared to take advantage of these new features.”

The AirWatch platform, leveraging iOS 7, enables organizations to prevent users on supervised devices from making account changes, modifying app cellular data, syncing with other Macs and using AirDrop. Other abilities include:

  • Restrict “open in” to and from managed applications
  • Enable web content filtering for Safari®
  • Manage per app VPN  for any mobile application on iOS devices Leverage app configurations and feedback  for managed applications
  • Support enterprise single sign on and silent application installation
  • Control device and user options for Single App Mode
Good Technology
Good Technology is offering full support for Apple iOS 7 across its entire suite of applications, including Good for Enterprise, Good Connect and Good Share: PR Newswire Link. Customers will be able to upgrade to iOS 7 without any delays in service, exposure of data or compromised security.

The provider has also rolled out iOS 7 support for its ecosystem of custom and partner applications built on the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform. As a result, Good is offering a wide range of iOS 7-compatible, secured by Good apps, including those from Autonomy, Box, Branchfire/iAnnotate, SplashTop and Webalo. 

In addition, Good will leverage the extended set of Apple mobile device management (MDM) capabilities available in iOS 7 to enable functions such as extended restriction controls, enterprise SSO and configuration and policy management for MDM-managed apps. Good will also support the enhanced Volume Purchase Program making it easy for businesses to deploy these iOS 7-compatible apps at enterprise scale while still retaining full ownership and control over app licenses.

"Today enterprise mobility is all about balancing data security and user productivity. At Good Technology, we're focused on helping customers achieve this balance as quickly and easily as possible," said Christy Wyatt, President & Chief Executive Officer, Good Technology.

Good provides consistent app security and management across all platforms, including Android and Windows 7 environments, as well as iOS. The company believes that in a BYOD era, organizations are going to adopt iOS 7 as part of a cohesive mobilization strategy that encompasses multiple operating systems, devices, third party and custom apps.

"As mobile continues to advance the way we work, businesses need to let workers maximize their own effectiveness, while protecting enterprise data and systems," said Lundy. "Mobile security providers that deliver an easy-to-use solution with an ecosystem of secure app-to-app workflows that can help shape and transform employee, customer and partner interactions will be well positioned to meet the needs of today's fast growing market."

Tangoe, Inc.
Tangoe, Inc., has released its MDM software version 13.2. The latest enhancements include support of Apple’s iOS 7 and application virtualization capabilities.

As part of its Managed Mobility Solution (MMS) offering, Tangoe delivers managed services for its entire solution suite that optimizes and manages the lifecycle of mobile enterprise communications resources including: solution hosting, administrative services, end-user help desk, and on-site MDM administrative support.

The updated solution suite is designed to support many of the enhancements provided by iOS 7, including:

Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) – Seamless access to multiple applications and websites using Kerberos authentication. Tangoe MDM and Tangoe WEM solutions all use SSO.

Multi-tasking – Recognizes applications that the user most frequently uses throughout the day, provides background checks to keep the application going, automatically adapts to network coverage when used, and allows the user to run multiple apps at once – allowing the user to move in and out of applications without returning to home between each task. In a BYOD environment, Tangoe containerization prevents user errors when moving from corporate to personal applications.

AirDrop – Provides iPad and iPhone users with the ability to share documents directly with each other over wireless networks rather than using cloud storage or sending email attachments. The risk with this feature is the unintentional sharing of corporate data from the device to other phones, tablets, printers and PCs. If working in a BYOD environment, Tangoe MDM can scan for eligible file types and enable/disable configuration parameters via containerization.

WiFi Payloads – Allows IT to specify a preferred network connect order. Improved identity payload allows Tangoe MDM protocol requests to be marked with timestamps and additional data like phone numbers or email addresses.

Application Virtualization – Offers a secure tunnel, authentication and authorization of the application and access to the respective network resource delivering the application. It also protects the application and data from other applications on the device. With MDM, IT can now mobilize legacy window applications to a tablet or smart device, including the ability to have a touch screen and mimic the touch UI securely. Tangoe MDM now supports all iOS VPN configuration options.


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