Survey Confirms 'Mobile Revolution' is Here

— January 17, 2013

The results of Webalo, Inc.'s survey are in confirming what most enterprises already know; that a “mobile revolution” is taking place as employees demand  access to beyond basic email and calendaring. The survey reflects responses from more than 1,000 business executives in a cross section of industries and company sizes.

Nearly half of respondents (45%) need mobile access to “management reports and spreadsheets” to improve their productivity, but nearly two thirds (64%) say security is a “top concern” when granting mobile access.

Key Findings
  • More than 50% of companies say they allow mobile enterprise access because “users are demanding it”
  • 98% of employees say that mobile access to enterprise data would improve productivity
  • 64% of companies say that the security of enterprise data is the “top concern” when granting enterprise access from a mobile device
  • 79% of companies prefer to manage mobile enterprise access through their own in-house IT professionals
  • 59% of respondents want mobile enterprise access on a smartphone; 32% on tablets; 9% on laptops and net books
“The survey results indicate that companies are at serious risk of falling behind their competition unless they can provide employees with secure, mobile access to the enterprise,” said Peter Price, Webalo’s CEO. “We are in the midst of a mobile revolution that will continue to accelerate into 2013 as employees grow increasingly comfortable working on smartphones and tablets, and demand mobile access to enterprise information beyond just email and calendar applications."


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