Tablets Improve Accountability for Medical Transport Firm

— August 22, 2011

Medical transportation management firm Southeastrans is deploying tablet PCs from AT&T to record trips, improve accountability, and help reduce and prevent fraud claims.
In the pilot program with AT&T, Southeastrans is issuing more than 250 tablets to drivers. The company will deploy an additional 450+ devices at the end of the pilot phase. Drivers will use the mobile tablets to record patient and trip data and ensure that each patient is picked up and dropped at the accurate time and location. Southeastrans is replacing paper reimbursement forms with the tablets, which eliminates manual data input at the end of the workday. The devices include e-forms for driver and vehicle sign-in; pick-up and drop-off logs; mileage reports; and driver sign-off. Entries are time stamped and geocoded to ensure data integrity.
Southeastrans also developed the NetInsight mobile app for its drivers. The app collects trip data in real-time to promote transparency and accountability and enforce accountability through the company’s non-emergency transportation program.  
"Shipping companies have been tracking packages for years, but transportation providers are often unable to provide accurate, timely information about passengers," said Steve Adams, president and CEO of Southeastrans. "People are intrinsically more valuable than packages, so it is absolutely essential that caregivers and loved ones are able to have real-time information regarding the whereabouts of medical transports often involving medically fragile people. This is why Southeastrans developed the InSight Mobile App."
"While these individual technologies have been available for quite some time, pulling them together to create a cohesive system is what makes the InSight Mobile App unique to the medical transportation industry," added Jim Degliumberto, CIO, Southeastrans.


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