Tango Agency Mobilizes Its Sales Force

By PRESS RELEASE — November 04, 2008

NEWARK, CA--Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), an innovative provider of mobile productivity solutions, and writeORDER, a provider of custom sales force automation solutions for manufacturers and sales agencies, announced that Tango, an independent sales agency representing 29 manufacturers, has selected the Socket SoMo 650 handheld computer and CompactFlash Scan Card Series 5 as its mobile solution for order placement and management.

Recognizing the challenges the Tango sales teams faced, Socket, with their VIP partner 24/7 Network Stability, Inc., and writeORDER provided the mobile solution that enables sales representatives to more effectively conduct business. With custom software developed by writeORDER that automatically transitions between the field and the showroom, the Tango sales team is now able to record and process all orders using handheld mobile computers.

A sales representative simply selects the customer and manufacturer with a few taps and then selects items by scanning UPC or SKU bar codes. Specific order details (ship date, terms, etc.), as well as items that cannot be scanned, are quickly and accurately entered using screens with supplier and agency specific data. The mobile computer can be connected to wireless printers, allowing sales representatives to print confirmations for customers in real-time.

Once completed, the order is wirelessly transmitted to Tango's back office as well as to the manufacturer for fulfillment, resulting in time and cost savings by eliminating the need for manual input into accounting applications. Online applications provide detailed real-time reporting for management and sales planning tools for each sales representative.

"Organizations without internal IT departments need reliable systems that not only streamline ordering and reduce inaccuracies, but accelerate the overall process," said Lynn Aylsworth, president of writeORDER.
"The time pressures at a trade show means if we can't efficiently process orders, we lose revenue for the year," said Vicky Muetterties, co-owner of Tango. "When we deployed the SoMo 650, we were able to complete 1,500 trade show orders in one week, without any hardware or software issues, resulting in far greater sales than we would have been able to complete with pen and paper."

"With thousands of manufacturers worldwide, the gift and home decor industry conducts sales of over $65 billion a year," said Bob Zink, senior vice president of sales and marketing of Socket Mobile. "The competition in this industry is fierce and by implementing the Socket solution, sales agencies like Tango can see immediate results to help them secure their business and manage it more effectively."

About writeORDER

writeORDER provides order entry and customer relationship management solutions for manufacturers and sales agencies with integrated online and mobile computer applications. The online application increases margin with:
custom catalogs; order, invoice and shipment tracking data; sales activity management and presentation tools; and real--time reporting and analysis. The mobile handheld computer application increases sales force productivity by enabling orders and sales related activities to be quickly and accurately entered anywhere.

About Tango
Tango is an independent sales agency representing gift manufacturers through our permanent showroom at Americasmart in Atlanta and a field sales force. Our customers include independent gift retailers, specialty boutiques and home decor stores. We use the latest in wholesale online and mobile computer technology to maximize sales for our manufacturers and customers.

About 24/7 Network Stability, Inc.
24/7 Network Stability, Inc. is an Atlanta based "Managed Services" provider, focused on bringing Enterprise level expertise to companies without in-house IT personnel. They assist small companies in navigating the complex technology market to find reliable, easy to use, cost effective solutions to maximize productivity and profit. Through hard work, dedication and superior customer service they have earned the distinction as the only endorsed IT vendor for AmericasMart*Atlanta's tenants. 

About Socket Mobile, Inc.
Socket makes mobility computing and productivity work. The company is a one-stop supplier of mobile computing hardware systems, offering a handheld mobile computer specifically designed for business mobility use and an extensive portfolio of essential mobile data collection and networking peripherals that enable mobile automation and productivity increases. The company also offers OEM solutions. 


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