Texas County Sheriff's Department Deploys Wireless Mobile ID System in Criminal Investigations

— December 13, 2006

The Bexar County Sheriff's Office in Texas is using an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) from NEC Corporation to bolster its crime-fighting efforts. The system features palm and wireless mobile identification.

“In choosing identification systems we carefully considered the major AFIS vendors, but quickly discovered that NEC's solution fully encompassed our expectations for this type of technology,” said David Dunbar, AFIS Manager, Bexar County Sheriff's Office. “The goal is to implement an identification solution with superior accuracy in order to improve our crime-fighting productivity and demonstrate that Bexar County is dedicated to protecting the safety of our residents. We look forward to meeting these goals with the help of NEC advanced AFIS technology.”

NEC's AFIS software affords superior recognition capabilities for the enterprise with advanced fingerprint and palm print identification systems, recognized globally for superior tenprint search accuracy, high capacity for information storage and expansion, maximum productivity support, and ease of integration into existing systems. Administrator costs and the need to invest in long-term expansion are significantly reduced, offering a reliable solution with an attractive total cost of ownership.

With sophisticated AFIS technology at the Bexar County office, users can easily leverage NEC's exclusive product features to electronically search county records against other shared Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) identification databases. The AFIS configuration will consist of a core site AFIS with remote and local input devices. The system is fully integrated, supporting tenprint and latent transactions, palm print and slap matching in addition to a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) archive system, mobile ID, FAST ID, latent searching of the Texas DPS AFIS, and searching NIST tenprint submissions on the Texas DPS AFIS. Project completion is slated for June 2007.

“We are extremely pleased that the sheriff's office of Bexar County selected NEC for its automated identification initiative,” said Chuck Thomas, client solutions manager, Identification Solutions Division, NEC Corporation of America. “The deployment of NEC's AFIS will provide Bexar County law enforcement with accurate readings for quick record searches and improved workflow performance enabling them to do their job faster and more precisely, contributing to the overall safety of its residents.”

NEC AFIS technology has been widely recognized for its technical excellence and has received top ranking in prominent studies sponsored by the Justice Management Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


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