Thames Water Manages Field Ops with ClickSoftware

— May 18, 2011

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd., a provider of automated workforce management and optimization solutions for the service industry, announced that the U.K.'s largest water and wastewater services company, Thames Water, has selected the ClickSoftware ServiceOptimization Suite.

Thames Water identified ClickSoftware’s workforce management and mobility platform as the key technologies to ensure significant improvements in the efficient use of its workforce, its assets and the quality of service that it provides to its customers
through optimized scheduling of its 2,000-strong field force and contractors.
Thames Water is under significant, industry-wide pressure from the Water Services Regulation Authority (OFWAT) to deliver value for its 13.8 million customers’ money during the current five-year Asset Management Planning (AMP) period. The most effective way to comply with OFWAT whilst improving customer service levels is by optimizing the activities of its 2,000 field-based staff.
“Workforce management technology will give us the edge in maximizing the performance of our field operations and, at the same time, help to reduce our back office costs and meet our regulatory commitments,” says Andrew Bilecki, CIO at Thames Water.
“Following a rigorous European tender process, we selected ClickSoftware as it is the best fit for our functional and technical requirements. Given the rapid mobility advancements over the last couple of years, we wanted to ensure we had the best mobile solution in order to mobilize SAP processes into the field and support our workforce with the right data at the right time,” Bilecki added.
The ServiceOptimization Suite will provide a full, integrated view of activities across the entire service chain. Prior to selecting ClickSoftware, Thames Water had been using a variety of solutions to manage its mobile workforce. As part of the SAP Workforce and Asset Management Information (WAMI) transformation program, Thames Water selected ClickSoftware’s ServiceOptimization Suite including ClickMobile built on top of the Sybase Mobility Platform. 
ClickSoftware’s mobility solution built on top of the Sybase Mobility Platform will enable Thames Water to mobilize SAP asset management processes, ensure tight integration with their ESRI GIS system and allow them to capture timesheets and asset related data from the field. In addition, the mobility solution has tight integration to ClickSoftware’s ServiceOptimization Suite ensuring that the decision-making and optimized dispatch process becomes fully automated. This approach will lead Thames Water towards becoming a real-time service enterprise.
It is envisaged that ClickSoftware’s mobile field service platform will be a leap forward for field communications and the business.
“ClickMobile allows us to bring the significant investment we have made in SAP enterprise technology to our service technicians in the field,” says Phil Barker, WAMI program director at Thames Water. “Information about consecutive jobs is automatically pushed to technicians’ mobile devices, including any notes from previous visits, site maps, and asset data. Through the integrated workflows, work orders, timesheets, customer information and asset inspection data can be fed back into SAP’s Asset Management and CRM system. The field technician will also have access to the back office systems via ClickMobile in order to better service the customer, for example creating appointments and follow-up orders from the field or completing customer satisfaction surveys,” he added. 
The mobile solution will also allow field supervisors to monitor in real time their team members’ daily progress, help supervisors provide scheduling assistance to the field workers, complete crew timesheets, download attachments and manuals, capture and upload digital photos and run performance management. The ClickMobile and SAP Portal will be tightly integrated and therefore field technicians will be able to run, from ClickMobile, self-service functions such as holiday requests, knowledge management, and collaboration.   
The proven scheduling and mobility applications from ClickSoftware running directly on the industry's leading mobility infrastructure from Sybase (An SAP Company), will make a significant contribution to the predicted cost savings and operational efficiencies through reduced administration and freeing up time for technicians to concentrate on field operations and customer service. For wireless connection management and VPN, ClickMobile will be utilizing the BirdStep SafeMove application. For device management and security Sybase Afaria is tightly integrated with ClickMobile. 
ClickContact will provide better end customer communication and service through e-mail, SMS, telephone and the availability of narrow appointment windows to customers via the Thames Water Web site.

will automatically optimize the deployment of resources for proactive and reactive maintenance, making sure that the right engineer arrives at the appointed time with the skills and tools to get the job done first time.

will give dispatch teams clear real-time visibility of all technicians’ locations and provide field workers with lone worker capability and therefore back office staff are able to monitor workers and their safety and raise the alarm if the mobile worker is in potential danger.

will then collect all operational data and provide executives and management with insight into where operations can be progressively improved creating further scope for cost efficiencies.
“Our optimized scheduling and planning solutions have, for a number of years, been the de facto choice for organizations with large, complex mobile workforces," says Dr. Moshe BenBassat, chairman and CEO of ClickSoftware. 
"The selection of our workforce management and mobility platform is further evidence that when it comes to supporting enterprise mobility programs.

"ClickSoftware has the most complete technology, experience and methodology to ensure their success,” “We look forward to working closely with Thames Water to ensure they meet regulatory commitments, improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction,” he added.
ClickSoftware now operates in seven out of the 12 U.K. water and sewerage operators.


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