The New Era of M2M Profitability

— February 05, 2014

Aeris Communications has launched Aeris GSP, a global M2M service platform for mobile network operators. The platform packages Aeris’ M2M service technologies designed to enable flexible and profitable M2M services to the growing Internet of Things marketplace.

Designed to allow mobile operators to significantly lower current M2M service delivery costs, the platform adapts to unique M2M business models, and offers advanced data services to increase M2M revenue per connection.

“The forces shaping the M2M market demand a new approach. First generation M2M service delivery approaches are not going to make the cut,” said Marc Jones, CEO of Aeris Communications.

Aeris GSP leverages Aeris’ next-generation, carrier-grade M2M service platform that currently manages millions of devices and processes more than 200 million M2M messages per day. The technology has led to broad-based traction across M2M market segments, including eHealth, Fleet Management, Telematics, Connected Auto, Utilities, Monitoring and Control, and Point of Sale.

“Our collaboration with Aeris ­­is very valuable to Sprint. Their innovative technology and services are key components of Sprint’s Command Center M2M platform,” said Mohamad Nasser, Director, M2M Product, Platforms & Marketing, Sprint. “The Aeris professionals are quick to resolve any issues, and their market-leading platform ensures that Command Center remains at the forefront of M2M services capabilities.”

Historically, mobile operators had to build an M2M services overlay in-house, turn to an external software provider, or use a hybrid approach to serve the M2M market. These efforts were often stifled by mobile infrastructure and processes optimized for consumer handset subscriptions, not machines. Given this considerable constraint and the expected growth in M2M demands, operators face an “Opportunity Gap.” This gap is defined by the set of M2M opportunities that are served sub-optimally or cannot be served at all due to high cost thresholds, low revenue per connection, or platform inflexibilities.

The Aeris GSP Platform-as-a-Service can be deployed via multiple modular service packages, enabling the operator to be up and running in 60 days.

Benefits include: 

  • Eliminating High Service Delivery Costs: Aeris GSP’s machine-optimized service core, AerCore, allows operators to bypass typical costs of purpose-built network elements while enabling market-leading scalability, reliability, and service performance.
  • Growing Revenue per Connection: Tapping into big data, analytics, and data sharing opportunities, the Aeris cloud-based data management service, AerCloud, allows operators to grow revenue beyond connected services alone.
  • Flexible M2M Rate Plans: Rate plan structures are entrenched in MNO business systems and processes. Aeris AerB/OSS provides operators the freedom of virtually limitless charging models and rate plans without expensive customization and IT modification to existing systems. Tight integration with Aeris GSP service core allows fast development of new charging events.
  • M2M-Grade Support and Operations: Aeris AerSight connects skilled operations personnel with the most comprehensive real-time and historical network transaction detail in the industry, improving operational efficiency and lowering OPEX, while meeting the demands of mission critical M2M solution support.


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