Mobile Tools of the Month May 2014

— May 01, 2014

Absolute Software
Samsung embedded Absolute Persistence Technology from Absolute Software into the firmware of of the Galaxy S5, NotePRO and TabPRO. Following user installation and activation, Absolute Computrace and Absolute LoJack agents remain persistently installed, even if the device is factory reset.

AT&T Cloud Web Security Services provides flexibility and interoperability with existing network infrastructures. A simple configuration change to the firewall, router or proxy solution allows admins to instantly protect and enforce Internet use policies. Light weight clients are also available for laptops, tablets and smartphone users.

Communications solution that operates a vehicle valet service, by utilizing a wireless cellular printer to deploy parking solutions. Text2Valet uses standard text messaging, does not require any installation or IT integration and uses a cellular wireless printer, which functions on a nationwide CDMA cellular network.

NueVue Protective Case
A combination of BioCote technology and microfibers clean the screen and eliminate microbes when the device is removed from the case, actively reducing 99.9% of microbes that may degrade the device’s surface. Devices stay secure and protected as well.

This light-weight device, with its compact and slim design, prioritizes commercial text messages and generates close-to-ear audible signals, allowing users to view important business messages instantly as they come in. With the capability of sending personal alarm calls along with its geo-location, it also functions as a personal security system.

An all-in-one solution to the dreaded “forgotten charger,” the charging/syncing cable incorporates an alarm system, reminding users to carry the charger when on the go. The cable is compatible with any USB to micro, Apple 30-Pin, Apple Lightning or multi-tip charging system.

SAM-1 Smart Aqua Meter
This multi-purpose tool measures and records pH, ORP, conductivity and temperature values. Compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, this hand-held device delivers accurate analytical measurements in the lab or field for use in environmental, education and industrial applications.


ExakTime Mobile 2.0
Track labor accurately on one device in real time, with GPS precision, management tools and photo biometrics. The iOS version of the mobile time tracking app, presents a user interface on all iOS devices for easy tracking on iPhone or iPad products.

Kingsoft Office Suite
Enabling users to view, edit, save and share Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents from any Android device, this stationery app syncs with popular cloud services such as Google Docs and Dropbox, can be used with Bluetooth and USB keyboards and transfers documents to other Kingsoft users over WIFI.

In Case of Crisis 3.0
A purpose-built mobile emergency response and business continuity solution designed to allow organizations to publish their specific emergency procedures and instructions via an online portal to Apple, Android and Amazon Kindle devices.

BlackBook Pro
A note taking app designed for professionals to use as a replacement for their current paper “black book” notebooks. It can be utilized as a personal journal, a notepad, a sketch book and/or as a digital replacement for traditional pen on paper writing and drawing. Available for Samsung Devices.

Scanner Pro
Transform your iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner. Take a photo of any document or receipt and Scanner Pro will automatically detect borders, crop the image, fix geometry, remove shades etc. With cloud capabilities, this iOS app enables users to transfer the PDF files scanned, directly to their device.


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