Top 10 Headlines of 2013

By Lori Castle, Editor-in-Chief — December 23, 2013

As we look back on a year of enterprise mobility, our No. 1 headline seems foretelling, with Microsoft currently seeking a new CEO. (This is expected to be announced in the “early part of 2014” according to current leader Steve Ballmer.)
Last week, we reviewed the most read tablet headlines, and to complete the list and close out 2013, here we feature other top news.  How does what happened compare to what’s predicted?

1. Microsoft Goes Back to Start
With Windows 8 failing to set the world on fire, Microsoft rethinks its "bet the company" move.

2. Top 10 Apps for Business
While custom enterprise apps are increasing, some business apps don't need to be recreated, and with BYOD, employees are seeking out the tools they need to make to work. Here's a view of the top apps for Android, iOS, BB10 and Windows.

3. PepsiCo Optimizes Field with Apple and Apps
With mobility defined as a key plank for innovation and growth, the food and drink giant transformed the way its North America Beverages division works.

4. Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Myths Busted
Companies stand to limit their mobile vision (and success!) if they buy into commonly cited fallacies around strategy and solutions. What are the trues and falses of moving ahead?

5.  Ransomware Holds Android Hostage
Symantec reports a new threat where users suddenly find their smartphone locked until a “ransom” – otherwise known as a payment – is made.

6. New Report Warns of Health Risks from EMF
Covering 1,800 new studies, the BioInitiative 2012 report reviews the growing health risks from chronic exposure to EMF and radio frequency radiation including brain tumors, neurological diseases, cancer, DNA damage, effects on memory, learning, behavior, attention, sleep disruption, fertility and reproduction.

7. Scorecard for Mobile App Platforms
Preliminary survey data shows that there is a clear correlation between the leading platforms and the degree to which their customers are calculating ROI.

8. 10 Features of iOS7
"You are going to love iOS7" — so said Tim Cook at the opening of the Apple developers conference on June 10. "The new but instantly familiar" operating system is said to be the biggest change to iPhone since its introduction.

9.  Is BlackBerry Back?
Acknowledging that it "tested the patience" of customers and assuring that "those days are over" executives from BlackBerry spoke directly to IT admins, end users and decision makers at BlackBerry Enterprise Forums around the country. Don't count it out, but BlackBerry is not fully back just yet - there is still no U.S. availability date.

10. 3 Emerging Mobile Trends
Mobile technology moves at the speed of light, apparently. Just three years ago, the iPad debuted. Today tablets are taking over, and the workforce is running with that technology to new frontiers. Here are three mobile-enabled areas “ready to explode.”


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