Top 10 Headlines of Q1 2014

By Lori Castle, Editor in Chief — March 31, 2014

If there needed to be confirmation that matters of mobility in the enterprise are extensive and ever changing, the top headlines from the first quarter of 2014 show that there’s a lot to think about.

From the latest devices to the next-gen of connectivity, plus news of this fast-moving industry and insight into what organizations like Coca-Cola and The NFL are doing, the topics are wide ranging.

  1.  Apple Is Making Your Job Easier
    Along with the iOS 7.1 update, Apple improves the deployment process for the enterprise through the Device Enrollment Program and Volume Purchase Program.
  2. T-Mobile Takes on Verizon
    Amid talks of a buyout, the uncarrier upgrades its 4G LTE network and issues a cease and desist to its competitor.
  3. More Mobile Consolidation Inevitable  
    There is no shortage of targets for larger IT companies seeking to add mobile to their offerings.  And mobility in the enterprise is too big a deal for neat standalone vendors offering key capabilities to survive. 
  4. Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated Talks Mobile
    Onyeka Nchege, CIO, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated, explains how he achieved one mobility across many functions and shares the new ways he is leveraging mobile.
  5. The Next Workplace is the Connected Car
    It doesn’t get more mobile than a vehicle. The Connected Car goes beyond that, not just via wireless for end users, but in the ability for machines to communicate. With this new frontier comes problems and potential— from safety and security, to services and a burgeoning ecosystem of automakers and app developers.
  6. How I Stole Payment Card Information
    To prove a point (and with permission), this security expert showed how risky mobile POS can be for both the business and the user.
  7. The Year Ahead      
    In 2014, security risks escalate, the CIO's role shifts and mobile complexity continues.
  8. Does BlackBerry Have a Chance?
    BlackBerry continues to clean its own house, but surely does not want the same to be said of others—in particular the White House, which is reportedly testing Samsung devices.  
  9. The NFL Unwired
    Michelle McKenna-Doyle is the first ever CIO in the NFL's existence. The role was born from the explosion of mobile technology, which has not only provided the chance to improve how employees in the office and on the field, but also resulted in a record demand from fans for connectivity and content.
  10. The Wide World of Tablets
    At the 2014 International CES wearables, curved TVs the size of a NYC apartment and cloud gaming are stealing headlines, but what matters to business are the slew of devices that will make it to work, and added to the IT support list. What do the new tablets look like?


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