Top 10 Headlines of Q1

By Lori Castle, Editor in Chief — April 15, 2013

Devices and strategy dominated the headlines in the first quarter of 2013. Mobility changes so quickly, it’s easy to miss significant industry initiatives. Both BlackBerry and Samsung launched key devices and talked about their enterprise tactics, while Apple remained quiet about its approach to business and Microsoft lost focus.

Here’s what was top of mind over the last three months.

Samsung's Tablet Strategy By taking you from consumption to creation on this form factor, Samsung aims to dominate the tablet market as it has dominated in smartphones.

Is BlackBerry Back? Acknowledging that it "tested the patience" of customers and assuring that "those days are over" executives from BlackBerry spoke directly to the business at  BlackBerry Enterprise Forums around the country.
3. New Report Warns of Health Risks The BioInitiative 2012 report covers 1,800 studies, and reviews the growing health risks from chronic exposure to EMF and radio frequency radiation including brain tumors, neurological diseases, cancer, DNA damage, effects on memory, learning, behavior, attention, sleep disruption, fertility and reproduction.

5 Cool New Mobile Technology Ideas Early on cell phones were dubbed “wearable” technology. Today’s so-called wearables are still in their infancy, but the category is a fast approaching mobile trend, and one whose innovations remain untold.
5. BlackBerry 10 - Taking Back the Enterprise? In "off the air," but on the record Q&A sessions after the official BlackBerry 10 launch, Chief Executive Thorsten Heins and other top executives were pressed with enterprise questions.
6. 10 Mobile Trends to Prep For Change will accelerate for enterprises trying to manage and leverage mobility for more strategic gain, and for vendors catering to this audience. Get ready for the challenges and opportunities.
7. The End of the Internet As We Know It An astounding 89 countries signed an "unprecedented" agreement to let a United Nations agency control the internet. What will it mean for your enterprise?
8. Samsung Ships Knox, Gets Knocked Samsung went all in — into the enterprise that is — with a container trial, the release of KNOX and latest tablet meant for work.
9. Apple Sneaks into the Enterprise Certain developments and deployments may be representative of -Tim Cook's behind-the-scenes focus on the business market, an area Jobs usually dismissed.

Microsoft's Mobile Mistake The software giant lost its focus and its grip on mobile devices as far back as '97 - even Bill Gates called the approach a "mistake." A former MS exec weighs in on where the company went wrong and where it should be going.


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