Top 10 Tablet Stories of 2013

By Lori Castle, Editor-in-Chief — December 11, 2013

The final estimate from IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker, forecasts tablet shipments to reach 221.3 million units in 2013, down slightly from a previous forecast of 227.4 million, but still 53.5% above 2012 levels. That’s a lot of tablets — many of which are ending up in the enterprise.

Just as IDC’s account of the market share shows Android and iOS on top, the top tablet stories of the year reflect the leaders as well.  Will the take over of tablets continue in 2014?

In story No. 3, a report done in conjunction with 451 Research, analyst Chris Hazelton noted, 25% of companies will be buying tablets for their employees next year, but he said that enterprise apps will be what matters more than which device. “Management and development tools will need to support multiple native and Web-based platforms. And as user preferences are increasingly a determining factor in decisions to adopt technology, it is imperative that IT build, buy or rent infrastructure that provides flexibility to adapt as these user preferences change — and nowhere is this more critical than with tablets.”

Top Stories:
1. Samsung's Tablet Strategy
By taking you from consumption to creation on this form factor, Samsung aims to dominate the tablet market as it has dominated in smartphones.

2.  The Business Case for Tablets
Tablets bring the "wow" factor to work, and everybody wants one, but the device type must fit the use case. What does the enterprise need to know to build the case?

3. State of the Enterprise Tablet Market
As the tablet and the business applications that power it continue to evolve, the tablet's role in the enterprise will continue to expand. Where is this market going to have the greatest impact?

4. iPad is Wearing Thin
What’s different about the new iPad Air? It’s smaller and lighter and according to Apple, quite dramatic. By the way, Nokia also just unveiled six new Windows devices.

5. Tablets Take Over
PCs are not just down, they are disappearing as both a consumer choice and as a corporate option. Tablets are officially taking over, but what are they really doing in the enterprise?

6. Tablets Shift from Consumption to Creation
Surfing? Who’s using a tablet just to browse the web? Today’s mobile employee (and enterprise) demands more — using the form factor to annotate and collaborate.

7. American Airlines Talks Tablets
American is focusing on mobile technology to improve the experience and deliver worry-free travel. A mix of iOS and Android powers the organization on the ground and in the air.

8. Surface Pro or Surface No?
The latest Windows 8 device is said to be built for the enterprise, but that's a leap when 40% still run on XP.

9. Tablets Can Be a Pain in the Neck
There's a new world of ergonomics when it comes to mobile devices. The very nature of their portability often means lounging while using, but this bad posture, scrunched shoulders and bowed head can lead to chronic issues.

10. How Tablets Help Autistic Adults Enter Workforce
Mobile technology is eliminating barriers for companies who want to hire, and for those with Autism who want to work.


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