V-Enable Wins Mobile Patent and a Big Piece of the Pie

— August 23, 2006

V-Enable, a company spearheading the speech-search technology revolution for mobile phones, was granted a patent June 12 for its Multimodal Information Retrieval System. Whereas other companies have rights to either voice or touch searching, V-Enable uses both avenues collaboratively. When new technology hits the market, companies vie for exclusive rights to that technology, and rightfully so.

The desire for voice-search abilities in cellular phones has been growing. In a recent survey conducted by Nuance Communications, 75 percent of the sample population prefers to have a voice-compatible function. Investment bank Piper Jaffray believes multimodal mobile searching is to grow exponentially. According to their research, the market is to reach $11 billion by 2008. Cellular search firm JumpTap projects an even larger boom. They expect the mobile search market to grow from $300 million in 2006 to $35 billion in 2010, and considering that V-Enable has sole rights to multimodal voice searching technology, you can expect V-Enable to be at the top of the food chain for some time.

V-Enable is working with such service providers as Verizon Wireless in issuing its technology to cellular devices. It also has a trial agreement with Sprint, using the Samsung models A700, A880, A900, A920, and A940, before fully integrating V-Enable technology into all models. Check out the latest Samsung handsets here.

V-Enable allows end-users to make phone calls or search for virtually anything. Whether you need directions, or want to download the latest music, games, ringtones, or wallpaper, V-Enable attempts to makes the experience fast and user-friendly. Voice search software is either preloaded upon purchase or downloaded. Then to search vocally, simply press the "Talk" button and make a request. Ask to play your favorite artist. Find the nearest movie theatre-whatever you want, it's all there at your beckon and call. Searches only take one or two seconds to download, so you can briskly narrow your choices to whatever your heart desires. And if you want to switch to text-based searching, you can move to touchpad searching at any time.


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