Viewpoint School Deploys Xirrus Wi-Fi Network for Campus-Wide Connectivity

— October 18, 2006

Xirrus, Inc., the only provider of high capacity, long range Wi-Fi products that can effectively extend wired network capabilities to wireless – without compromise, announced today that its Wi-Fi solution has been deployed to support the new campus-wide wireless network at Viewpoint School, the sixth largest independent school in the California Association of Independent Schools.

“Our existing network lacked the capacity, manageability, features and security to keep pace with the growing technological needs of the students and faculty. We needed a solution that would be able to handle increasingly complex and bandwidth-heavy applications, “said Paul Rosenbaum, Associate Headmaster and COO of Viewpoint School.  “Xirrus' Wi-Fi solution was able to help Viewpoint fully utilize the school's facilities with portable classrooms, flexible study areas and support a wide range of wireless clients. “

With the new network, Viewpoint now has the ability to achieve the necessary capacity and coverage to take wired Triple Play to wireless notebooks, security cameras and event broadcasting, enriching the overall experience of the students and faculty.

“Viewpoint School was looking for a Wi-Fi network that would be powerful enough to provide campus-wide coverage without the hassle of daily maintenance and security concerns, and our solution proved to be the perfect fit for the school” said Dirk Gates, CEO of Xirrus. “Our Wi-Fi solution was able to provide the students, faculty and visitors at Viewpoint with wireless coverage suitable for the entire campus with manageability and security features from a central location.”

The deployment utilized a wide range of Xirrus equipment including twelve Arrays 2 – XS-3900, 9 XS-3700 and 1 XS-3500; 1 XM-3300 Management Platform and 2 XS-3100 Remote Power Systems. Each Wi-Fi Array was able to support three classrooms which meant a streamlined network that was able to achieve the necessary capacity and coverage using a limited amount of Wi-Fi access devices.


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