VisagePulse for Monthly Mobile Analysis

— February 11, 2014

A recent Juniper research reported that the number of consumer-owned mobile devices brought to work will exceed 1 billion by 2018. As a result, businesses are faced with both challenges and opportunities with the rush of tablets and smartphones in the workplace.

In response, Visage Mobile, Inc., a SaaS enterprise mobility management (EMM) company, has introduced VisagePulse,  a Data and Analytics as a Service (DaaS) product that will push free monthly analytics on an enterprise’s mobile spend and usage to enterprise IT, finance, and mobility managers.  

It can be difficult to spot overages and even harder to predict costs. So VisagePulse provides a topline analysis of cross or single carrier mobile spend every month.

Analytics will focus on the biggest and toughest areas to manage, including total spend by carrier, trending costs by carrier, and non-recurring charge breakdowns. The solution will be offered at no charge and is designed to complement existing telecom expense management  (TEM) and mobile device management  (MDM) solutions. 

Such analysis will show how specific spend categories have changed from one month to another, and provide insight as to where to eliminate wasteful wireless spending.

“When companies see their data in our platform for the first time, they are shocked by what they have missed over years of mobile consumption,” said Bzur Haun, CEO, Visage. Why is that?  “Mobile spend is a huge and rapidly growing expense category in the enterprise. It is nearly impossible to accomplish side-by-side comparisons of carrier data without heroic efforts from analysts.”


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