Web-Based Arigo InspeQt Automates Quality Inspection for Retailers, Brand Owners

— February 23, 2011

Arigo, a provider of visibility, intelligence, and collaboration tools for retailers and brand owners supporting sourcing and global trade management, recently unviled its Arigo InspeQt solution, which automates the quality inspection process and escalates awareness of quality assurance and compliance issues in real time.
Arigo InspeQt is an intuitive web-­based, guided inspection tool that automates the quality assurance process by recording product and/or factory inspection results and sending concurrent proactive alerts when inspection standards are not met. Arigo InspeQt enables retailers and brand owners to capture real-­time inspection data from the field on any web-based device or smartphone to identify potential quality and compliance issues and quickly notify the correct parties for issue resolution. It limits the decision-making process to pass/fail alternatives and the ease of use allows virtually anyone to use Arigo InspeQt with little to no training.
Arigo Inspect Features:
  • Mobile, task-driven, guided inspection tool for any user to navigate
  • Highly configurable to ensure all compliance standards are met
  • Send automated inspection reports instantly to appropriate parties
  • Send automated alerts and notifications when a product/factory is out of compliance
  • Prioritize high-risk inspection failures in real-­time to speed issue resolution
  • Provide attachable, archivable, and auditable copy of real­-time inspection results
When integrated with Arigo's award-winning suite of Sourcing and Global Trade Solutions, retailers can store inspection report results within seconds of inspection completion. These critical inspection reports can be tied to any item record, purchase order or sample or factory data to create a full auditable trail of the product's history, which can be called upon for quick and efficient issue resolution. This information is extremely valuable for populating more compelling, data-rich vendor scorecards, enabling retailers to make educated business decisions about the vendors and factories that produce their merchandise.
"This highly intuitive tool completely reinvents the quality assurance and compliance process and puts the power of real-­-time data flow into the hands of the users to guarantee products meet brand quality and compliance standards," says Donny Askin, CEO of Arigo. "Arigo InspeQt enables our customers to attach and archive critical inspection data to maintain a full, living, breathing history of the product from pre-­production through delivery. Retailers can be confident their products will arrive in store upholding the level of quality their consumers have come to depend on."
Arigo InspeQt is available now to retailers and brand owners interested in improving the quality assurance and compliance process. Videos and live trials are available on the Arigo web site. Please visit http://www.arigo.com/products/inspeqt.php for additional product information and to try Arigo InspeQt directly from any web-­based device or smartphone.


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