With Cortado Solution, Secure Smartphone, Tab Data

— June 27, 2011

Cortado, a provider of mobile business solutions, introduced a new version of its innovative mobile collaboration solution Cortado Corporate Server, which enables seamless cross-platform integration of mobile devices into IT infrastructures. The new version delivers advanced security features, allowing smartphones and tablets to be safely integrated into corporate IT.

Cortado Corporate Server 5.2 eliminates potentially unsafe file downloads with a handy file previewer, print data encryption via https, and full data encryption support on iOS devices. In addition, the new 5.2 version increases productivity by enabling users to simultaneously use multiple devices, such as a BlackBerry smartphone and iPad with just one account. 

Cortado Corporate Server provides users with access to the corporate network, allowing them to create PDF and Zip files, call up database reports, print ,and fax. However, security is key when integrating smartphones and tablets into corporate IT. Earlier versions of Cortado Corporate Server already enabled individual restriction of user rights for mobile scenarios (e.g. deleting files), encryption of data transfer embedded in the MDS or VPN channel, and management of Active Directory rights.
The new version makes Cortado Corporate Server the first business solution that enables full encryption of local documents on the iPad, iPhone ,and iPod touch. The convenient and bandwidth-friendly file preview feature for BlackBerry and Android eliminates the necessity to download documents from the corporate network to the mobile end-device.

This minimizes the risk that sensitive data falls into the wrong hands if the device is lost or stolen. At the same time, organizations benefit from lower data transfer costs. In addition, if a user decides to print a document, the print data stream is immediately SSL-encrypted; therefore intercepting and reconstructing this data stream by unauthorized parties is impossible. 
As the number of employees using smartphones and tablets from multiple manufacturers continues to grow, the new Cortado Corporate Server offers multi-device support capabilities. For example, the solution allows an employee to edit a document on an iPad, then render it as a PDF and send it later with a BlackBerry or Android smartphone, always using the same account and the same license.
“Cortado Corporate Server provides employees across different mobile platforms with a secure solution for virtually all desktop features required for working,” says Thorsten Hesse, manager, innovative products, Cortado. “Through our Virtual Desktop Processes technology, we optimize the view and interface for each Android, iOS, or BlackBerry device. No other vendor offers the strong combination of security and functionality to meet the demand from both end users and IT managers.

Cortado Corporate Server 5.2 is now available. The entry price for a five-person environment is $995; each additional user is $119. Alternatively customers can rent the solution for a monthly fee of $4.97 per user (minimum 30 users and 12 months).

A fully functional, free demo version can be downloaded at: www.cortado.com/corporate.
To test some of the features, individual users can download Cortado Workplace free of charge in the app stores for Android, iOS, Symbian, and BlackBerry. 


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