Workplace Wellness App Launched

— June 12, 2014

Employees looking to make healthier food, exercise and relaxation decisions at the workplace can now use their mobile phones and personalized message delivery applications for help. The new program was on display at a private preview ceremony at the White House Complex in advance of the SmartAmerica Expo.
The preview was hosted by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. San Diego-based Total Communicator Solutions Inc. (TCS), was one of seven selected from more than 100 companies, universities and government agencies in the SmartAmerica Challenge to participate in the preview event. The Expo marked the completion of the SmartAmerica Challenge, a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow project that brings together organizations with (CPS) technology and programs to demonstrate the potential for improving the economy and daily lives of Americans.
TCS demonstrated this tool as part of Project Boundary. The Project Boundary project was conceptualized by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) IDEA Lab and the Office of the National Coordinator.
Project Boundary features a mobile app powered by TCS’ Spark Compass platform that incorporates the Gimbal platform, including proximity beacons with Apple’s iBeacon technology, to deliver well-timed and contextually relevant triggers in order to encourage the adoption of healthy behaviors within the workplace.
Healthy Steps
The app will send personalized messages to help workers make healthier choices throughout the day such as choosing nutritious items from the vending machine and drinking water eight times a day. Users will score points based on their choices.
For example, beacons installed near the elevators will send messages to individuals waiting for the elevator to take the stairs instead, and assign points for those who do. The app works with strategically placed beacons, located near elevators, stairways, vending machines and water fountains—sending messages to users at the right time and place awarding points for those that are there.
The initial pilot of the workplace wellness app will take place at the Health and Human Services’ Humphrey Building, as one of the first gamified workplaces in America.
“Project Boundary further reinforces how context and proximity awareness can combine with smart platforms to better the lives of the American public,” said Erik Bjontegard, CEO of Total Communicator Solutions. “We are looking forward to seeing the results of the pilot at HHS as a step toward broader use of the technology to encourage healthier choices in the workplace.


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