Zenprise Protects Biz-Critical Resources Anywhere in Mobile Environment

— December 07, 2010

Zenprise, Inc., a provider of enterprise mobile management and security software, announced a breakthrough in mobile security technology. MobileManager version 6.0 is the first all-in-one solution that dynamically protects business-critical applications and data anywhere in the mobile environment.
Organizations are forced to push out the traditional boundaries of their security operations as more and more employees shift their computing tasks from computers to smartphones and tablets. Zenprise gives IT leaders the tools to control this expanding business environment by taking a more holistic approach. As a result, organizations can proactively prevent, address, and remediate breaches in information security at the device, network, and application tiers.
"The mobile world is quickly changing the way we need to think about security," says Ahmed Datoo, chief marketing officer at Zenprise. "It's no longer enough to protect static information that's stored on the enterprise servers back at headquarters. Today's enterprises must have a wider, more flexible and impermeable shield to safeguard data that's travelling back and forth between the corporate network and users' devices in the field."
Hackers, capitalizing on the vulnerabilities created by a user's location, are employing more sophisticated methods to penetrate corporate defenses against unauthorized access. It's much easier to intercept smartphone data from a salesperson who is connected to the corporate database using the unsecured Wi-Fi network in a cafe, for example, than it is to hack into the corporations secure Wi-Fi network. And consider what would happen if a rogue employee walked out of a retail store with a credit card scanner. The security policies and controls that were available in the store quickly disappear once the user is off the retail network.
"In addition to dealing with the huge range of traditional security threats, IT departments must now protect the network against vulnerabilities enabled by remote access to the corporate network," says Craig Mathias, a principal with the wireless and mobile advisory firm Farpoint Group. "But mobile security has traditionally been amazingly complex, often to the point where security measures are difficult to manage or even interfere with user productivity. Zenprise has added important new services to an already robust array of mobile management capabilities that mobilize enterprise applications securely and efficiently."
Multi-Tier Protection and Security Controls
MobileManager offers the following robust set of security and management capabilities to give IT more power to neutralize today's fast-growing security threats.
  • Dynamic Defense provides context aware device security, automatically detecting potential threats and intelligently adjusting security settings to mitigate risk. For example, Dynamic Defense can detect that a credit card scanner is no longer in a retail store and immediately lock down and even wipe the rouge device clean of data.
  • Secure Connect provides flexible application security that allows IT to offer mobile users secure, encrypted access to specific business applications from their smartphone. With the rapid expansion of business productivity apps on mobile devices, Secure Connect is a simple and flexible way to open access to these applications, while mitigating the risks involved.
  • Mobile Application Gateway brings intelligent security to the network. Used in conjunction with Secure Connect, the Gateway controls access to all corporate applications. and logs all mobile application traffic for compliance and reporting purposes.
"We are starting to see customers rely more on mobile devices for revenue generating activities, and they are becoming much more vigilant about securing and managing enterprise mobility--from the connectivity of people and devices, to the mobile applications that power their business," says Jayaram Bhat, CEO of Zenprise. "A holistic and dynamic approach to security is necessary if organizations want to leverage mobility as a valid revenue-generating source and long-term strategic advantage."
Zenprise's extensive list of more than 400 global customers spans a cross-section of countries and vertical industries including: Comcast, Boeing Corporation, Shook Hardy & Bacon LLP, Varian Medical Systems and Vodafone. 


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