ActivIdentity Releases Newest Version of 4TRESS

By Gerard Longo, Assistant Editor — July 26, 2012

ActivIdentity has updated its 4TRESS line of products, claiming that 4TRESS now has the ability to secure organizational data by not only managing which operating systems and soft tokens can be used on BYOD devices, but which versions of those soft tokens are permitted to run.

4TRESS provides a multi-layered strong authentication that, according to ActivIdentity, allows secure access to company data in a cost-effective and convenient manner by enabling secure control over soft token One-Time-Password (OTP) solutions, based on the type of operating system and soft token version being run on a particular device.

Comprehensive Controls

By giving companies control over which particular operating systems are permitted to access data on their systems, administrators can profile all of the users on their respective networks and see who is accessing data, how they are accessing it and from which devices. Additionally, system administrators can see how many network users are using a particular operating system and soft token.

This is especially important in an enterprise world that is increasingly accommodating to BYOD policies, where employees are sure to have varying types of devices and operating systems.

“As the BYOD phenomenon has truly taken hold, we see a clear and present need to enable flexibility for our customers who wanted the maximum amount of control to data access,” said Julian Lovelock, Vice President Product Marketing, ActivIdentity. “This product addresses that need in a number of granular ways not otherwise seen in the market today.”


4TRESS is already readily available for access solutions like the Authentication Server and AAA Server for Remote Access. The update is not yet available for the Authentication Appliance solution, but is expected to be made available during the first quarter of 2013.


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