Administrative Capabilities Added to Kangaru Flash Drives

By PRESS RELEASE — February 03, 2009

Kanguru Solutions has added powerful new administrative tools to its Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC), the industry leading management application for secure USB Flash Drives.

These administrative tools give system administrators a level of control never before seen over their USB Drives and, in essence, make Kanguru secure flash drives intelligent; checking for server availability, notifying users of policy updates, scheduling password changes, and more. These features can be easily implemented in any organization using Kanguru Remote Management Console and select Kanguru Flash Drives.

In addition to original features such as remote password reset, remote drive deletion, and auditing capabilities, the new administrative tools allow administrators to configure their drives to react in both online and offline capacities. For example, drives can be setup to respond in one of three ways if they are offline. Option one will suspend access to data on the drive. Option two will erase data from the drive if it cannot access the server within a set period of time. Option three will dismount the drive from the computer if the server is unavailable.

Another powerful feature of the new administrative tool is that it allows administrators to easily and efficiently enforce set organizational policies. They can view detailed reports to see which drives are compliant with set policies and notify those that are not so that the drives may be brought into compliance. The non compliant drives can be remotely updated, locked out or even deleted if the administrator chooses.

"With millions of flash drives in the market, all containing sensitive or confidential data, managing them and securing them is crucial to any business or government agency dealing with confidential data." said Don Brown, President and CEO of Kanguru Solutions. "Our goal at Kanguru is to make our encrypted flash drives the most secure drives available, yet infinitely manageable for our customers."

Kanguru Solutions, a division of Interactive Media Corporation, has been manufacturing cutting edge technology products that include portable secure storage, DVD/CD and Hard Drive Duplication Equipment for over fifteen years. Kanguru products are available through a variety of leading value added reseller channels. .


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