AirMagnet Introduces Wi-Fi Tools Specifically for SMBs

By PRESS RELEASE — February 20, 2009

AirMagnet Inc., the leader in security, performance and compliance solutions for wireless LANs, today announced two new product lines aimed at addressing the Wi-Fi management needs of small and medium-sized business. The move brings AirMagnet's market-leading technology to a broader customer base that is increasingly using wireless LANs as a strategic part of their enterprise network infrastructure.

The new products lines are the AirMagnet Express series for medium-sized businesses; and AirMedic, a spectrum analysis and Wi-Fi troubleshooting tool for small businesses. AirMedic is the world's first spectrum analysis product that does not require the use of a dedicated spectrum adapter card and instead relies on the wireless capabilities built into new Intel Centrino 2 laptops. (For more information about AirMedic, please see the companion release "Groundbreaking AirMagnet Tool AirMedic Introduces Entry-Level RF and Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Tool for Small Businesses.")

According to a recent SMB Wi-Fi report from ABI Research, most organizations with fewer than 1,000 employees do not have an individual who is dedicated to solely solving wireless LAN issues. Instead, the management of the wireless LAN is done by individuals who manage wireless in conjunction with other activities, such as managing the wired network or servers. These IT administrators have limited wireless expertise, but nonetheless need to meet the challenges of managing and securing a professional-grade wireless network.

"Large enterprises were the early adopters of Wi-Fi and we're now starting to see massive trickle-down into the SMB markets. However, SMBs have traditionally struggled with wireless management and security because tools have been too complex and too costly," said Stan Schatt, Vice President and Practice Director at ABI Research. "AirMagnet's new tools do fill the void because they've taken an enterprise class product and created a lighter version that still provides needed functionality without complexity."

For organizations that do not have a dedicated Wi-Fi staff -- or smaller businesses that may be resource constrained -- AirMagnet's tools offer an affordable, easy-to-use solution for ensuring security and performance of a WLAN. AirMagnet eliminates concerns over cost and complexity, giving businesses of any size the expertise they need to easily manage and troubleshoot a fast, reliable and professional wireless network.

The AirMagnet Express line simplifies management of wireless LAN issues by providing unique "How To" guides to walk IT administrators step-by-step through the identification of an issue as well as how to solve it. AirMagnet's AirWISE intelligence engine provides plain-language definitions and explanations of Wi-Fi problems and guides the user in how to solve them and avoid their occurrence in the future.

"Competitors in this market offer unsophisticated tools that don't resolve Wi-Fi issues, or take a bare bones approach by de-featuring their product for the middle and low-end markets," said Chris Roeckl, vice president of marketing at AirMagnet. "AirMagnet, on the other hand, has built its solutions from the ground up to specifically meet the challenges faced by small and mid-market WLAN managers."

Based on the industry's most popular and award-winning mobile field tool for troubleshooting enterprise Wi-Fi networks, the new WiFi Analyzer Express is perfect for medium-sized businesses that are concerned with identifying and troubleshooting problems with their Wi-Fi network. The product also detects and locates unauthorized Wi-Fi devices and provides an inventory of all devices; helps troubleshoot end-to-end wireless network connectivity problems; detects "wireless stumbling" tools; and detects configuration vulnerabilities that may exist on the corporate wireless devices.

Based on the industry's most accurate Wi-Fi design and deployment solution, AirMagnet Survey Express allows IT administrators to perform quick site surveys and plan for/validate the ideal quantity and placement of wireless access points for seamless coverage. It is the only Wi-Fi deployment tool that measures actual Wi-Fi performance metrics and then plots maps for signal coverage, interference, network performance, Wi-Fi station roaming areas, and more.

AirMedic is a new entry-level Wi-Fi tool from AirMagnet that is designed to help organizations manage and resolve the periodic performance and reliability issues associated with a wireless network. AirMedic combines lab-quality spectrum analysis and basic Wi-Fi traffic analysis into one simple view, offering a fast and professional approach to WLAN management. For more information please read the AirMedic press release at
All products are available Feb. 24. AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer Express and AirMagnet Survey Express cost $1,995 each or can be purchased together as a bundle for $3,495. AirMedic costs $995.

AirMagnet Inc. is the leader in security, performance and compliance solutions for wireless LANs. The company's innovative products include AirMagnet Enterprise, the leading 24x7 WLAN security and performance management solution, and AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer -- which is known as the "de facto tool for wireless LAN troubleshooting and analysis." Other products provide WLAN site survey and design, RF interference detection, remote diagnostics, and the world's first voice-over-WiFi analysis solution. AirMagnet has more than 8,200 customers worldwide, including 75 of the Fortune 100. The company, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., has offices worldwide. 


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