Don't Trash Your Cell Phone

You probably use a cell phone, and statistics show you also have about 3.5 "retired" cell phones sitting around in a drawer at home, or at your office.

New Platform from Rove Mobile Gives I.T. Remote Control of Network

Rove Mobile Inc., the world's leading provider of enterprise software for handhelds, announced the launch of Mobile Admin 4.0, the latest version of its enterprise network administration platform that allows unified management of all IT systems from any computer or handheld device.

New Four-Radio Meru AP Offers 1.2 Gbps Speeds

Meru Networks has introduced the AP440, a four-radio IEEE 802.11n wireless access point that provides the data rates and functionality to let enterprises replace aging wired infrastructures with wireless networks without compromising access speed, throughput capacity, security or resiliency.

Want a Little Virtual Reality in Your Network?

Meru Networks has introduced a network management software product that lets users "walk" through three-dimensional representations of their Meru wireless LAN deployments, seeing detailed, real-time, color-coded views of network coverage and signal propagation patterns throughout buildings, across campuses and even in remote sites.
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Must See


EKN Research: How Mobile is Driving Personalized Context and Engagement

Retailers and hospitality enterprises are well aware that mobile technologies must be driving consistently high standards of in-store or in-location customer engagement. These are key imperatives for customer relevance, financial gains, loyalty and brand advocacy. However, more often than not, such standards break-down in stores due to a wide variety of reasons. Download this benchmark report to understand how mobile is driving a more personalized engagement and key business pains, performance and capabilities related to in-store customer engagement.