Sony Says No More Recalls

While Apple and Dell have each issued recalls on a combined 5.9 million laptop batteries, Sony Electronics says it has no plans to do the same with its own notebook computers.

ShoreTel Launches VOIP App Initiative

Pure-play IP PBX provider ShoreTel on Aug. 28 will branch out into the IP telephony applications space when it debuts a pair of new application options that focus on integrated customer relationship management and Enhanced 911.

Small Firms Wake Up to Mobile Working

Small and medium-sized businesses are catching up with enterprises when it comes to the adoption of mobile data technology, research reveals.

The Implications of Free Citywide Wi-Fi

A plan by San Francisco to blanket the city with free wireless Internet access may come as great news to residents eager to save a few bucks on broadband.

Palm to Unveil New Treo Model Next Month

Handheld computer and phone maker Palm Inc. is to unveil the latest version of its Treo smart phone next month as it attempts to revive sales hit by tough competition and problems with previous models.

Widescreen Notebooks to Spread

Notebook PCs are rapidly moving toward a future filled with more pixels and more screen real estate, thanks to the unexpectedly rapid proliferation of widescreen displays.

UK to Get First City with High-speed WiMax Coverage

A British city known for its concrete cows is set to become one of the most technologically advanced in Britain after it said it would be the first UK town to boast a high-speed WiMax wireless broadband network.

Boston 's 'Disruptive' Path to Wireless

As city-spanning wireless Internet services sprout nationwide, officials in Boston are planning a novel approach intended to spur innovation and provide some of the country's cheapest broadband.
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Mobile Risk: Security Is Not a Game

IDC predicts 2 billion mobile devices will be shipped by 2017, while Gartner expects a 26 billion Internet of Things installed base (excluding smartphones and tablets) by 2020. With more devices, more machines, more connectivity comes more risk.