Alternative to Passwords

— July 18, 2013

Authentify, a provider of phone-based out-of-band authentication services, has introduced an alternative to overworked passwords -  an online security app that turns mobile devices into secure personal authenticators.

Combining enterprise control with user convenience, the Authentify xFA Service replaces passwords with a mobile xFA app that scans an on-screen, short-lived cryptograph—a digital image that, when scanned, activates a PKI digital certificate for strong authentication—and turns a smartphone into an authenticator that delivers server-to-server class endpoint security with no effort from the end user or the enterprise.

xFA, which stands for “x” factors of authentication, also provides strong multi-factor authentication supporting voice biometrics and other forms of secure messages allowing enterprises or their users to choose the level of authentication the transaction warrants.

Authentify xFA can be used by any online service provider or enterprise that needs strong protection at time of logon but also needs a simple user experience. xFA provides greater protection to financial services, e-commerce, medical insurance firms or any enterprise/SMB private networks from password exploits or breaches without losing productivity or inconveniencing users.

The app is designed to defeat a broad range of exploits that steal passwords, or hijack online sessions such as man-in-the-middle, man-in-the-browser, viruses, Trojans and keyloggers. The xFA Service and the xFA app are available from the Apple and Android stores. Authentify also offers the service to customers for fixed annual subscription fees.


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