App Suite Leverages Mobile, Social to Boost Worker Productivity

— June 27, 2011

DoubleDutch, a provider of cloud-based, geo-social applications for mobile enterprises, announced the availability of HYVE, a suite of seven mobile, social, and productivity apps designed to improve worker productivity and to facilitate collaboration across multiple lines of business.

HYVE taps into mobile, social, and location-based technologies to enable every enterprise team member, customer, and stakeholder to collaborate, connect, and communicate through structured status updates built around the unique business processes of the enterprise.
The skyrocketing adoption of mobile, social, and location-based technologies is rapidly changing the way people consume information, and, today’s enterprise employee is also today’s consumer. Companies that can harness the power of these increasingly popular consumer technologies are poised to reap potentially game-changing benefits for both managers and employees.
HYVE Suite Offers Seven Cloud-based Apps for Improving Productivity and Collaboration Cross-Enterprise
HYVE is designed to help enterprises simply and quickly take advantage of today’s most popular and useful technologies for collaboration—mobile, social, and geo-tagging. HYVE apps are social-powered enterprise frameworks that promote efficiency, productivity, and more collaborative teams across every line of business. The suite is already in use at some of the most innovative companies in the world, including Cisco, Amdocs, Adobe, TED, and HP.
“In today’s mobile work environment, apps and platforms that leverage social media and geo-tagging— typically seen in the consumer space—empower both employees and managers to be more productive and are key to driving profitability,” according to Andrew Warden, head of strategy, Emerging Markets Services for Cisco. “Cisco’s use of HYVE, in addition to our other collaborative platforms, changes the way our teams engage with key news, incentives, collateral, and peers and managers. Our teams now have access to all of the insight they need, in-the-moment and on-the-go.”
While other social business software companies rely on end users posting a free-form update into a text box, HYVE is built upon the concept of a “check-in” –a structured, logging gesture that allows users to select from a list of defined projects, customers, locations, and other objects and processes. View HYVE in action here.
In addition to a mobile activity feed which aggregates each work-group’s activity, a social profile is created for each project and customer within that work group, making it easy to see a record of who has interacted with a particular client, and in what context. Using this data, companies can quickly identify subject matter experts and match impromptu teams around any key component, such as customer, location, project and more.
The first version of the HYVE suite includes the following mobile apps, with more planned for availability in Q4:
  • HYVE Knowledge for project-management teams, including product development, management, small and mid-size businesses, and IT consultants.
  • HYVE Field for field workers, including service, delivery and maintenance professionals working outside the four walls and servicing customers and partners.
  • HYVE Sales for sales teams in multiple industries looking to build collaborative environments that track pipeline progress, tighten strategy on accounts, and enhance customer retention and satisfaction activities and metrics.
  • HYVE CSR for enterprises that want to build communities, engagement, and collaboration around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts and employee volunteer opportunities.
  • HYVE Onboarding for HR organizations that want to streamline the employee onboarding process and create a collaborative culture for both existing and new employees.
  • HYVE Engage for brands and media companies that wish to engage both businesses and consumers.
  • HYVE Events for event producers that want to add mobile, location, and social capabilities for conference and tradeshow attendees.
HYVE is built on a flexible, standards-based platform that allows for rapid integration and deployment for enterprises and mid-size companies. HYVE apps can be purchased together or separately, and accessed through the secure DoubleDutch cloud. For enterprises wanting to deploy behind the corporate firewall, DoubleDutch offers on-premise, enterprise subscription licensing.
HYVE enterprise customers also receive:
  • Mobile platform support for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, WebOS, Windows Phone 7, and HTML5.
  • Customizable, web-based analytics dashboard for a 360-degree view of team progress, productivity and activity for maximizing performance.
  • App templates for rapid deployment that mirror standard workflows across multiple lines of business, so companies can get started collaborating and communicating right away.
  • The secure transfer of data through HTTPS encryption to ensure all enterprise data is protected and meets enterprise-security standards.
  • Flexible and open API for extending existing workflows and processes from current back-end implementations like, SAP, Oracle, SharePoint, and others, ensuring the enterprise can take advantage of existing investments.
“We believe that transparency is a critical component of collaboration, and that high performance is contagious,” says DoubleDutch CEO, Lawrence Coburn. “True productivity and collaboration occurs not with static social feeds, but engaging collaboratively and socially in shared tasks, projects, goals and more. HYVE paves the way for superior collaboration around every key success factor and operation in the enterprise, generating never before seen productivity analytics.”
DoubleDutch has also made available an example of the HYVE-powered, event application for iPhone, available for download at
To view HYVE screenshots, please visit:
For more information, please visit


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