Applicasa Brings Its Mobile App Dev Platform to Android

By Jessica Binns, Contributing Editor — June 15, 2012

Applicasa, a new company that offers a one-stop-shop, server-side solution for mobile app developers, says it is now offering an Android version of its web-based service.

This extension to Applicasa's solution follows the February launch of its service for the iOS platform, and enables native developers to quickly and easily build a complete, cloud-connected backend for both iOS and Android apps without having to enter a single line of code. Applicasa's solution enables developers and brands to quickly build server-side mobile apps that intelligently use backend data and offer a rich set of cloud-based features and functionality such as push notifications, geolocation, shopping carts, and customized deals and promotions.

"We've seen firsthand how difficult it is for mobile developers to build the backend infrastructure required for full-featured mobile applications," said Lior Malenboim, CEO of Applicasa. "By squarely addressing this problem, Applicasa's solution has added over 2,500 registered iOS app developers since we launched in February, and we expect new registrations to rapidly double, given our new support for the popular Android platform. With the ‘backend as a service' segment of the mobile development community quickly evolving, Applicasa is addressing a critical need in the market by making its solution accessible to a broad range of native app developers."

Server-side development is currently one of the most complicated, time-consuming and expensive aspects of mobile app development. Some app developers lack the expertise to develop a server-side backend, and even those with adequate know-how must spend at least two weeks, or an estimated $10,000 worth of labor, to accomplish this. Developers also incur significant expenditures on server hosting and the creation or purchase of tools to develop and manage the backend. As a result, developers lacking the time or expertise to create a server-side mobile app may resort to omitting desired features from their apps or be forced to spend money on outside developers. With an estimated 500,000 mobile app developers located worldwide, and almost 1 billion available apps in Google and Apple's App Stores combined, developers want to seize the massive mobile app opportunity and urgently need a quick, easy and cost-effective way to develop server-side apps.

A Handful of Clicks and 10 Minutes Delivers a Fully Custom SDK – No Coding Required

By offering a complete server-side solution, Applicasa reduces the barriers and costs associated with server-side development and hosting so that mobile app developers can focus instead on building great apps. With Applicasa's easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface for database creation and custom queries, the whole process of developing an app's server-side backend takes only 10 minutes, requiring no more than the click of a few buttons and zero knowledge of server-side coding. Once database objects and queries have been set up, Applicasa is the only company that generates a customized SDK according to each app's unique specifications, quickly and seamlessly converting database objects to the native development environment — without the need for time-consuming manual coding.

Also unique in the marketplace, Applicasa's Content Management System (CMS) provides a comprehensive set of project tools that enables developers to efficiently manage an app's content, workflow and push notifications, and collaborate with teammates and customers depending on the desired level of input. Unlike other vendors, Applicasa enables brands to pay Applicasa directly for its services, eliminating the need for third-party, outsourced developers – who create an estimated 66 percent of all available apps – to serve as middleman. Furthermore, because Applicasa's service is hosted over the cloud, it provides instant scalability, growth and functionality for mobile apps.

By giving each app its own separated SQL instance and hosting space, Applicasa provides high levels of app performance and security, and is the only technology vendor to ensure that if one app crashes, no other apps will be affected – an especially attractive offering for apps receiving millions of downloads. Unlike its competitors, Applicasa offers robust analytics for apps and further enables developers to bypass other solutions and simulations by letting them test apps on their own devices.

Interested developers can download both the Android and iOS versions of Applicasa immediately by visiting


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