Avoiding Neck Crick When Using a Tablet

— October 11, 2012

Whether using their tablets to follow a web seminar or online presentation, video conference with a co-worker or watch a company’s latest promotion on YouTube, users can now do so hands-free, without getting a crick in their necks. The Koala Mount from Dockem securely holds iPad and other compatible tablet devices in place on any wall or hard, vertical surface.

Designed to fit all versions of the iPad and several Android tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy tablet line, the mount can be installed using 3M’s Command adhesive strips. Users can attach the strips to the back of the mount and affix it to a wall above an outlet for charging, at eye level, at their desks or anywhere else they need to use and view their tablets, without having to slouch or bend over to see the screen.

The mount features a hidden cord clip to keep the device’s charger easily at-hand. A user can slide his or her tablet into the side brackets for a secure fit. When ready to take the device on the go, a user only needs to slide it out of the brackets with one hand. The strips can be removed without wall damage, enabling users to move the mount from one wall or room to another.

The mount uses two independent brackets, allowing users to space them at the correct distance apart for their individual devices. The mount holds the device for a landscape or portrait view and can be used along with many protective cases, including the Apple Smart Cover.

The Koala Mount retails for $19.99 and includes two brackets, two standard 3M Command strips, a surface prep pad and full instructions.


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