BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 Available In Q2 09

By PRESS RELEASE — February 16, 2009

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BlackBerry Enterprise Server is robust software that links BlackBerry smartphones with enterprise applications and PBX environments.

The server integrates with all the major enterprise messaging and collaboration systems to provide mobile users with secure wireless access to email, voice, enterprise instant messaging, PIM and other enterprise applications.

It also provides advanced security features and administrative tools that simplify the management and centralize the control of mobile devices.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 5.0 improves how organizations deploy, monitor, and support the use of BlackBerry smartphones, helping them mobilize their workforce and achieve a maximum return on their investment.

Who is BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 for?

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 has been engineered to meet the demands of mission critical enterprise environments. It provides customers with peace of mind by offering a proven, secure and stable enterprise platform that supports current and evolving mobility requirements. It is a platform for expansion by leveraging existing IT investments; BlackBerry Enterprise Server also provides further optimization through development tools.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 provides additional value over previous versions through the following enhancements:

  • Advanced manageability through a new centralized administrative user interface
  • Easily move BlackBerry smartphone users between separate BlackBerry domains with the new BlackBerry User Migration Tool
  • Enhancements to application management and deployment capabilities
  • Built-in high availability to maximize system uptime and minimize unplanned downtime
  • Monitoring overall system health including alerting, troubleshooting and reporting
New end user productivity features
Seamless upgrade path from previous versions of BlackBerry Enterprise Server

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 is for IT decision makers who:
  • Are looking for an enterprise mobility solution sophisticated enough to automate tasks -- reducing the time spent deploying, administering, managing and supporting the software and end users
  • Want to provide end users with mobile access to enterprise tools and applications -- leveraging existing infrastructure and investments
  • Are looking to purchase a wireless solution that grows with the business and evolves with their mobile strategy
  • Want to mitigate risk from compliance issues -- with robust security and control options
  • Want to future proof their IT investment to ensure it continues to grow and adjust to changes within their organization
  • Are looking to deploy corporate standards and enforce corporate policies around wireless deployments that is easy to manage by IT departments and staff
  • Want a wireless solution that requires minimal support and training
  • Want to significantly increase productivity and foster collaboration and responsiveness
  • Want a solution that allows them to intuitively manage IT policies to provide end users with mobile access to email, messaging, data and voice features 
  • Want an upgrade path that is easy to implement and minimizes user downtime
Key Attributes
  • Simple and efficient management and administration
  • Improved management and administration for IT administrators -- allows IT to be more productive and efficient
  • The BlackBerry Administration Service provides access to centralized management tools that provide a quick, easy way to view and manage the complete BlackBerry environment
  • Customization of roles and permissions allow IT administrators to delegate tasks to staff through the BlackBerry Administration Service
  • Provides IT administrators with different levels of access to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server functionality -- based on their role and permissions
  • Provision new BlackBerry smartphones without the need to have users connect to the corporate network as well as easily upgrade the handset software and applications over-the-air
  • Easily transfer multiple user accounts from one BlackBerry domain to another without any impact or action required by end users
  • Schedule and deploy device, application and server upgrades when they will have a minimal impact on end users and business operations
  • Simplify enterprise wide application deployments and upgrades
  • Built-in over-the-air software loading simplifies the wireless deployment of handset software
  • Deploy hundreds of applications to thousands of users via enhanced job management, throttling and scheduling
  • Provides a fast, cost-effective method for remotely supporting users and managing application lifecycles
  • Efficiency through multiple groups and software configurations
  • Users belonging to multiple groups and distinct configurations will inherit the attributes of all the groups they belong to -- IT administrators no longer have to manually set attributes for each user
Provide access to internal content so users are connected to the information they need on the go
  • All data transmitted between BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry smartphones is encrypted using industry standard algorithms, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Triple Data Encryption Standard (Triple DES)
  • More than double the number of wireless IT policies and commands than any other wireless solution on the market
  • IT policies can be adjusted to allow an organization to match varying grades of security with their comfort level
  • Various advanced security features are supported, including PGP, S/MIME, PGP/MIME
  • Modify security levels -- adjust security policies and requirements wirelessly -- without handling handsets or having users connect their smartphone via the desktop
  • Certified and validated security --customers are using a well recognized, trusted solution
  • The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution has received more security accreditations globally than any other wireless solution
  • As a market leader in the area of information assurance and compliance -- Research In Motion Limited (RIM) is committed to independent, third party reviews and certifications of BlackBerry security
  • Fraunhofer Institute SIT performed and confirmed the high quality of the security architecture of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution and the strong data protection it provides
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Device Software is the first mobile platform to achieve Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 2 augmented (EAL 2+) validation
  • FIPS 140-2 and FIPS 140-1 validations through the Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP)
Maximize uptime with more visibility into the overall health of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution
Proactive monitoring of BlackBerry Enterprise Server(s) and components helps minimize potential risks
  • Configure component and server heartbeats to alert and failover when they fall below a pre-determined, customizable threshold
  • Monitor the overall health of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution with scalable monitoring capabilities
  • Store up to 56 weeks of health scores for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to be used for historical trending analysis
  • Advanced reporting features, such as, trending, chart analysis and server statistics provide a complete view into the overall health of the system
  • BlackBerry Monitoring is color-coded, providing a unified view of information so potential issues -- server or user related -- can be easily identified
  • Minimize the impact of downtime helps improve delivery of service to end users
  • Key components will failover to a secondary BlackBerry Enterprise Server -- with minimal service downtime -- if declined health scores are observed or if the service fails
  • Built-in high availability functionality enables continuous availability, which minimizes downtime and maximizes uptime
  • Cost savings for minimized downtime
  • Easily troubleshoot potential issues from a single, centralized location

RIM has been pushing the boundaries of the wireless industry for more than 20 years and was the first wireless data developer in North America
  • The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution is proven to deliver more than email to mobile business users and supports all the major email platforms
  • Reliable, true push delivery of messages and information to the BlackBerry smartphone
Get the most value out of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution investment
  • Easily integrate BlackBerry Enterprise Server with the customer's existing enterprise systems
  • Provides a platform for expansion with advanced application enablement with partners, desktop mobilization and development tools
  • Maximize all BlackBerry Solution Services, including BlackBerry Technical Support Services, BlackBerry Training and BlackBerry Professional Services to help customers meet their business needs and get the most out of their BlackBerry Enterprise Solution investment
  • Take advantage of the growing community of developers that have created many solutions, services and applications for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution
  • Solution scales and ranges from 1 to 50,000+ users to grow with the organization
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server is the platform that brings together and mobilizes messaging, data and voice
Enhance end user productivity -- Enable user to access everything from one device  
  • Users can easily access network drives using the remote file explorer directly from their BlackBerry smartphne *
  • Organize emails that require follow--up with the use of flags -- used the same way as in Microsoft Outlook *
  • Browse folders directly on the smartphone -- and view and attach those files to emails
  • Open and forward calendar appointments, including attachments from the smartphone -- with a few quick clicks of a button *
  • Increase collaboration and responsiveness
  • Enable mobile workers to be responsive and productive with enhanced email and calendar features, instant messaging, voice and PIM
  • Help the mobile workforce stay organized and easily manage their Inbox *
  • Simplified on-device Inbox folder management -- easily manage folders --  by adding, renaming, deleting and moving folders as necessary *
  • Easy management of personal and public distribution lists -- new and existing personal distribution lists are synchronized to the user's BlackBerry smartphone *
  • Calendar Meeting Delegation for IBM Lotus Domino -- allows attendees to remove themselves from a meeting and delegate the invitation to another person *
  • Enable mobile workers to listen to WMA files -- extends the support of audio playback beyond current supported formats such as .mp3 and .wav files *
* Note: Some of the features listed here require BlackBerry Device Software version 5.0
Why upgrade to BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0?
With the release of BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0, organizations will gain enhanced manageability, simplified deployment, high availability and a variety of new end user features that increase productivity and enable a more proactive approach to monitoring and supporting the mobility platform.

Enhancements For Existing Customers
Existing customers will notice the following enhancements in BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0:
  • A new administration user interface, BlackBerry Administration Service, provides a centralized framework that increases productivity by allowing IT to remotely manage and troubleshoot the system and components through a web user interface
  • Enhanced job management, throttling and scheduling upgrades and maintenance of applications for users' devices -- this improves any task an IT Manager may do in relation to end users
  • Enhanced monitoring capabilities through the BlackBerry Administration Server helps identify and prevent potential downtime and outages
  • Improved reporting, alerting and troubleshooting through the BlackBerry Administration Server help minimize potential issues
  • Built--in high availability enables fast recovery from failure and unplanned downtime, supporting mission critical business operations by seamlessly failing over key components of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • BlackBerry User Migration Tool enables user accounts to be easily moved from one BlackBerry domain to another with minimal risk and impact or action required by the end user
  • IT administrators can leverage the high availability architecture to conduct maintenance upgrades without impacting the service

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 allows end users to access important enterprise features and information on their devices -- in the same way they do on their desktops -- with the following feature enhancements
  • Improved remote desktop capabilities
  • Device--side folder management, such as adding, deleting, moving and modifying folders from the device
  • Enhanced calendar functionality
  • Synchronization of public and private contacts


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