Cellebrite Offers SIM ID Cloning & iPhone Support

By PRESS RELEASE — December 02, 2008

Franklin Lakes, NJ -- With over a year of successful use by more than 1000 law enforcement and homeland security organizations worldwide, Cellebrite USA Corp., the industry leader in mobile phone content transfer and backup solutions, proudly announces a new SIM ID cloning feature and Apple iPhone support for their Universal Forensic Extraction Device.
The UFED is the ultimate, portable, stand-alone solution for extraction of critical data such as phonebook, pictures, videos, text messages, call logs, ESN and IMEI information from more than 1,700 models of handsets sold worldwide.

The use of new technologies for extracting critical data from mobile devices is a critical tool in criminal investigations and Cellebrite now allows investigators to gain more information than before with their new SIM ID cloning feature.

This feature solves many key problems facing forensic examiners today and makes the entire data extraction process quick and simple, yet extremely effective. The SIM ID cloning feature is able to extract phone data while preventing the cellular device from connecting to the network; the handset will be invisible to the network with no calls or SMS messages to, or from the handset, preserving the current call and SMS history in the device-no supplemental shielding required to block RF signals.

The new feature also allows a forensic examiner to extract phone data when the original SIM is not available and in cases when the SIM card PIN is locked.

In addition to Cellebrite's new SIM ID cloning feature, the UFED  adds the univerally popular Apple iPhone to it's extensive list of supported devices. The UFED can extract iPhone data such as: phonebook , pictures, SMS, call logs and other phone information such as IMEI. All UFED features are supported without connecting to a PC or using additional software.

The UFED's unique features allow field extraction of data while insuring that phones are examined before any information is lost, destroyed or erased. Using a computer is not required as the UFED can easily store hundreds of content items onto removable SD card or USB flash drive, and then brought back to the forensic lab for review and verification.

The Report Manager Software comes with the UFED and can save, print, search and analyze complete records of all supported content types of cellular data. All data is verified using the industry standard MDF hash algorithm to insure data integrity for the courtroom. The Cellebrite UFED system supports the Unicode industry standard, supporting foreign alphabet systems for data extracted from the handset, supporting European, Asian and Middle-Eastern languages.

About Cellebrite USA Corp.
Established in 1999, CelleBrite provides solutions for mobile phone data management, with over 50,000 product units deployed worldwide and millions of end users. Cellebrite's products enable commercial data management as well as forensic data analysis. Cellebrite has over 80 commercial customers who are the world's premier carriers and retail chains, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Spring/Nextel, T-Mobile, Orange and Telstra. Cellebrite's forensics customers include highly respected national and local divisions of law enforcement, anti-terror and public security units.


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