CSI Signal Booster Answers Public Safety Call for Reliable In-Building Wireless Communications

By PRESS RELEASE — March 20, 2009

Responding to the need for more reliable in-building wireless communications public safety officials, Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI) -- the recognized leader in the design and implementation of in-building wireless solutions -- unveils the company's new 700/800 MHz Signal Booster.
The introduction of the new signal booster underscores the need for first responders to maintain clear, uninterrupted communications while in basements, stairwells, inner offices -- as well as other low reception areas throughout any building.

According to industry experts, the creation of more stringent and forward thinking building codes has facilitated requirements for new products needed to meet the needs of the growing in-building wireless market. Both Gartner, Inc. and ABI research estimate the market for in-building wireless systems could surpass $1 billion by 2010. This represents a doubling of market size from $500 million in 2007.

Aimed at improving "first responder" communications, the CSI solution is the market's only signal booster to cover both 700 and 800 MHz, while dramatically reducing interference from competing signals. The end result ensures that emergency personnel experience reliable in-building wireless signals, eliminating the on-the-job hazards associated with lost or dropped signals due to interference, during emergency situations.

Core to the 700/800 MHz Signal Booster is its ability to mitigate interference from competing signals and enhance voice transmission by increasing noise rejection. Offering advanced, future-proof technology to support ongoing public safety re-banding, the solution also supports the new 700 MHz bands that will become available after the switch to digital television later this year.

"It has become increasingly important to provide clear wireless communications to first responders or the fire, police and emergency personnel who are often first on the scene," said Martin Cassidy, CSI's vice president of business development. "These personnel require reliable in-building wireless service whether they're in the basement of a burning building or aiding those in need trapped in stairwells. Our new 700/800 MHz Signal Booster answers this need so first responders can keep the lines of communications open -- regardless of their in-building location."

Additionally, according to research conducted by the In-Building Wireless Association (IBWA) of the real estate and public safety communities: "The areas designated as having the greatest need for coverage improvements include parking garages, elevators and open areas. In addition, building owners rated the ability to coordinate with local emergency responders as the most important public safety feature."

Meeting the needs of the market, the 700/800 MHz Signal Booster is fully compliant with NEMA-4 standards and offers complete power protection in case of an outage. The solution also provides full Oscillation Detection and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) -- minimizing site intervention with built-in oscillation control and self-healing. Offering full shutdown in the event of non-correctable severe conditions, the solution also limits network interference by high 25dBm AGC range and fine grained 30dB gain adjustment.

Easy enough to be installed and maintained by one person, CSI's 700/800 MHz Signal Booster offers users a user-friendly alphanumeric display as well as digital power and AGC readout for precision setup without test equipment. Users also benefit from local alarm contact closure points and an interface for remote monitoring.

The CSI solution is being made available now through authorized CSI resellers and the pricing starts at $5,995 per device.

Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI) is driven to be a world-class organization that delivers superior products and services enabling anytime, anywhere in-building wireless connectivity. The CSI Product Division specializes in the development of in-building amplifiers, repeaters, and a variety of system components. CSI is the first company to introduce a digitally filtered repeater capable of passing carrier spectrum requirements becoming a requisite for the nation's largest wireless carrier. To ensure that the optimal services are provided, CSI formed the Custom Solutions Group (CSG). Since its establishment, CSG has implemented thousands of turnkey solutions throughout the country. CSI's consultative and product neutral approach enables the company to develop customized solutions for every client. CSI's Custom Solutions Group (CSG) also holds the distinction of being the only in-building wireless service organization approved by all major wireless service providers in the United States.


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