DiskAgent Mobile Offering Security for Numerous Smartphones

By PRESS RELEASE — March 30, 2009

Spearstone, a software development company based in Salt Lake City, announced the addition of a smartphone application to its DiskAgent line of products. The application, DiskAgent Mobile, protects mobile devices by enabling owners to execute remote actions, including wiping, disabling, or locking them if they are lost or stolen It supports Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Palm devices, with Symbian support planned for release later this year.

"Now that our phones hold personal and company email, contacts, photos, and other sensitive data, the risks associated with loss or theft have soared," says Hayden Hartland, Spearstone CEO. "Our company's primary goal is to protect the data on these devices and give our customers overall confidence in the security of their mobile device."

DiskAgent protects a mobile device that is lost or stolen by enabling users to execute remote commands from the DiskAgent Web site or by calling the hotline to initiate protective measures. The device is then instructed via the cellular network to wipe itself and return a report so the customer knows it has been carried out successfully. DiskAgent runs a lightweight service on the mobile device, which watches for these remote commands.

Other DiskAgent Mobile features include Make it Ring, which forces the phone to ring even if it is set to vibrate (helpful for misplaced phones), and Lock It, which locks the phone and requires that the user enter a previously configured password to enable it.

DiskAgent Mobile is available for $1.95 per device per month; however, Spearstone is currently offering a 30-day trial offer on DiskAgent services.


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